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Ghost Whey Protein – Way to Fitness

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You may be wondering why beings that are thought to represent spirits of the dead who continue to wander the earth for one reason or another now seem to be into whey protein.  Do ghosts desire to grow their muscles? If so, why? Regardless of the semantics of spirits and their antics, if they feel as though they should be incorporating muscle-building whey protein into their workouts, they are on the right track; and you should take note and follow their example.

Whey protein is the most popular and the most widely recognised supplement with relation to fitness enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, as well as athletes. It is a natural protein derived from milk that has separated while producing cheese. With a breadth of scientific literature behind it, whey protein may be the most essential supplement for your muscle-building regimen. Despite this seemingly simple process of extraction, no two whey protein brands are exactly alike. Selecting one that is what it says and is honest about its efficacy with proven results is a process all on its own.

This is where Ghost Whey Protein comes in. It is a quality supplement formulated carefully to be an asset when added to your workout. Ghost Whey features three types of whey protein that are mixed specifically because of their digestion properties. This translates to a three-stage digestion process for Ghost Whey, keeping you covered before, during and after your workout.

In terms of ingredients, Ghost Whey has a respectable list included in the formula. The most important of these is the whey protein content. According to the label, the total amount per serving is 25g. While this is relatively standard across the board for most brands, there is a significant difference in the Ghost Whey formula noted.  Besides the three types of protein, the overall ‘true’ amount of protein that one gets from a scoop of powder comes up to about 88% based on the ratio of the amount per serving in relation to other ingredients. This percentage is refreshingly high when compared to other brands.

The three protein types significantly help the effectiveness of the powder. Rather than cause bloating once consumed, Ghost Whey uses its various proteins’ three-stage digestion properties to remain effective. Small amounts of protein are digested at different points, reducing or eliminating the bloating sensation. This makes for quite an effective product.

As for mixability, Ghost Whey’s formula plays a major role once again. It contains less whey protein concentration than the more soluble whey protein isolate and protein hydrolysate. The latter two make the powder easier to mix when scooped into water. The easier solubility lessens the formation of lumps, making blending a little less frustrating. You are not as likely to encounter unsavoury clumps of powder as you enjoy your protein drink.

You may now be asking: ‘That’s all well and good, but how does it taste?’ Well, good news. Ghost Whey has not scrimped on flavour. In fact, the brand was the first to bring a cereal flavoured powder to market that became so popular; other brands decided to release their versions. In addition to the cereal flavour, labelled as Fruity Cereal Milk, ‘Chips Ahoy!’ incorporates real cookies in the powder for a lovely treat with your drink. Both flavours have been praised, with people appreciating that the company has done its best to impart some good taste without overly diluting the formula’s most purposeful ingredients.

Ghost protein has been tested for you and has proven that you can certainly not go wrong with Ghost in terms of protein powder.

James Wallace did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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