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Getting “Active for April” with a Giggle

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This month is the ideal time to start to think about getting active; the days are getting longer and the evenings lighter, and the sun will be shining soon (we all hope) with aplomb. u3a has many groups for physical activities, ranging from Tai Chi and Qigong to laughter yoga and country dancing.

Laughter yoga

Judith runs an online laughter yoga group where members can take part from the comfort of their own homes. It’s open to anyone who joins u3a and would like to put a spring in their step and start the day with a burst of positivity. The group has been running for 11 years and is going from strength-to-strength.

Judith Walker, u3a laughter yoga subject adviser, says, “A member of one of my laughter yoga groups once said, ‘It’s the most fun possible in any u3a group!’ And many others would agree with her. Laughter really is the best medicine, but we don’t always know how to start. In laughter yoga, there are no jokes, no comedy and no humour. No yoga mats, no funny postures, no standing on your head. Laughter releases endorphins, reduces stress, and makes you feel great. But it’s not just having a laugh. It’s a gentle aerobic exercise which improves your breathing and benefits your mental and physical health in so many ways.”

Find out more with “friends” newsletter

Friendship and togetherness are at the heart of u3a, and the “friends” newsletter brings together stories and interests from across the u3a movement. The newsletter has information about nationwide u3a events and national initiatives, as well as access to learning opportunities via Interest Groups Online.

Anyone can become a u3a friend if they support the principles of the u3a movement. You don’t have to be a member of a local u3a group to join; family and friends can also sign up to become friends.

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