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Get A Drip Arrives in Canary Wharf

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Get A Drip, the leading provider of intravenous nutrition therapy, is set to open their third clinic in Canary Wharf in Jubilee Place. 

Get A Drip is set to further disrupt the wellness industry with its brand of intravenous nutrition therapy; one of the most effective ways to reach optimum nutrition. The treatment works by administering essential vitamins and minerals into the body through the bloodstream via an IV drip. The body absorbs 100% of the nutrients using this method. 

Get A Drip Canary Wharf, which will open this December in Jubilee Place, is the first clinic of its kind in the mall. It marks another milestone in the company’s mission to normalise the therapy as an extension of everyday personal health care.

Richard Chambers, founder of Get A Drip, said: ‘Opening a clinic in Canary Wharf is a major breakthrough in our mission to bring accessible and affordable IV vitamin drips to the masses. Typically, the drips have only been available to celebrities and the super-wealthy; our aim is to overcome that. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable wellness solutions, without losing quality of product and service.” 

Get A Drip Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush 

Richard Chambers experienced first-hand how intravenous nutrition therapy can have a positive impact on health. In 2011, he was hospitalised after suffering from ketoacidosis, a condition associated with type 1 diabetes. The IV treatment majorly helped to speed up Richard’s recovery and he was overwhelmed at the benefits. He has been a lifelong advocate ever since and set about planning how he could help others to benefit. 

Nutritionists say that we could be absorbing as little as 10% of nutrients through diet alone. Rhaya Jordan, a leading nutritionist and Get A Drip ambassador, says: ‘Many of us struggle to have a balanced diet. With Get A Drip, you’re basically bypassing the whole idea of bioavailability because the nutrients are going straight into the bloodstream, giving you a nourishing hit of micronutrients. Though lower levels of nutrients are what we need to survive, it might be that taking higher levels is just what you need to thrive. The results speak for themselves.’

Functional nutrition, weight loss and nutrigenomics practitioner and Get A Drip ambassador, Pippa Campbell, says: ‘Vitamin deficiencies are so prevalent in the UK and a lot of people struggle to get all of their nutrients, such as Vitamin D for example, through diet alone. Get A Drip is revolutionising the way we take care of our health and wellness by encouraging proactivity over-reactivity.’

As of February 2019, Get A Drip also introduced DNA testing for customers, so any nutritional deficiencies can be identified and the drip therapy can be tailored specifically to the client’s individual needs. They have also recently released Vitamin D testing where customers can find out if they’re Vitamin D deficient with an instant results test. 

Get A Drip Canary Wharf is the third location in the capital to open for the brand; the other clinics are located at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush and Boxpark Shoreditch. Get A Drip Canary Wharf, coming to Jubilee Place, will open this December.

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