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A General Health Blood Test Could Be the Most Unusual but Valuable Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Given

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What do you get from the person who has everything? What about helping them have continued health with an at-home blood test? They take just five minutes and have already saved many lives, according to a leading health expert.

It’s frustrating trying to buy presents for a loved one who always says they have everything they need. However, there is a new gift idea trending this Christmas that could be a lot more valuable than socks, bath sets, perfumed candles, or aftershaves. A general health profile blood test gives a remarkable, in-depth look at everything from bone health and iron levels to cholesterol levels and diabetes risk.

Dr Avinash Hari Narayanan (MBChB), Clinical Lead at London Medical Laboratory (LML), says: “It’s taken us by surprise that people are buying general health blood tests for friends and family rather than for themselves this Christmas. However, in many ways, it is the gift that keeps on giving. If someone really does have everything they want, a general health blood test can help ensure they enjoy those things for years to come.”

A blood test provides a snapshot from which we can better understand our hormones, cholesterol, kidney, and liver function or check for any vitamin deficiencies.

Many health professionals believe it’s important that people get an annual health check. However, it’s not always easy to get a GP appointment, and the NHS is facing worsening pressures. That’s where a general health blood test comes in. They are fast, relatively inexpensive, and can identify many conditions before symptoms arise, leading to faster, timelier treatments if required. It’s always better to identify a disease sooner rather than later in order, hopefully, to improve the outcome and reduce its severity.

Unwrapping a blood testing kit may raise eyebrows this Christmas, but the more we thought about why people were buying them for others, the more it made sense. A general health home blood test provides a comprehensive check of liver and kidney function, bone health, iron levels, diabetes (HbA1c), and a full cholesterol profile. The person who receives the test will be able to proactively manage their health and identify or monitor many underlying or pre-existing conditions. The HbA1c test is particularly important as it can provide a definitive diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes while allowing for disease monitoring in patients with a pre-existing diagnosis. 

Of course, some people may be reluctant to take such a test because they are afraid of what they might discover. Test anxiety is natural, but it is important to note the tangible benefit of getting a diagnosis early. Our tests flag up biomarkers to keep an eye on, and they can significantly alter future health if results are acted upon promptly. What better time than the New Year to bolster resolutions to improve health?

One such general health blood test is London Medical Laboratory’s General Health Profile blood test kit. It makes a good gift, as it’s a very simple process. LML sends a home-testing kit via Royal Mail 1st Class post. The kit contains everything needed to carry out a test at home, including simple, step-by-step instructions.

All the person who receives the test needs to do is take a simple, finger-prick blood sample in the comfort of their own home. They can take the test at any time they choose, and they don’t need to fast beforehand. We recommend that they don’t take the test immediately during the Christmas and New Year festivities. Lots of rich foods and spirits could skew the test results.

Once they have taken their finger-prick blood sample, they just need to fill out the enclosed forms and label their blood test, returning it to London Medical Laboratory using the Royal Mail 1st Class Tracked postal bag included with the kit.

Dr Narayanan said: “We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – the independent regulator of health and social care in England, and process all of our tests through our UKAS-accredited laboratory. This means that our processes are standardised and meet current regulatory requirements to deliver a safe and effective service.

“For most people, it’s great to log in and receive the news that they are in good health. That’s a great Christmas present! For those who do have results that need to be followed up, they can contact their regular GP to confirm the results with further tests and, if necessary, start a course of treatment. It really is better to be proactive and discover health issues as early as possible.

“Our tests have become an unexpected Christmas hit, so London Medical Laboratory is offering a special December discount. Use the code 15CHRISTMAS at our checkout to get 15% off the price of the General Health Profile test or any of LML’s extensive range of health checks. The offer is valid until 31 December and can be used for tests you are buying for yourself or for anyone else.

London Medical Laboratory’s General Health Profile blood test can be taken at home through the post or at one of the many drop-in clinics that offer these tests across London and nationwide in over 120 selected pharmacies and health stores.

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