Garen Amirian

garen-amirianGaren Amirian began his education at East Stroudsburg University where he graduated with honours with a BSc in Psychology. From there, he earned two master’s degrees in Psychological Counselling from Columbia University. As a professional psychotherapist, Garen has worked with individuals experiencing many different stressors and issues.

Garen is a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor (LMHC) by the state of New York. He practices psychotherapy with a strong focus in person-centred, narrative, cognitive behavioural, and Gestalt therapy techniques. As a therapist, he helps create and navigate his clients through an environment in which they are able to look inward and explore themselves in new ways. It is through this work that we are able to discover what in ourselves has been interfering with our ability to move forward.

He has been practicing mobile, home-based therapy since 2012. He finds many benefits to home-based therapy aside form its clear convenience. In Garen’s experience, his clients are able to feel a different sense of comfort in their own surroundings than they would in an office. This sense of security and ease helps clients to feel less guarded while looking inward, and exploring what about themselves brought them to him. He also believes therapy sessions in an office can allow stressors to be overlooked, and in turn, not discussed. In-home therapy can help trigger these underlying stressors and can propel each therapy session forward in a more effective way.

You can follow him on Twitter . To learn more about his services, you may visit his website.

Published: 24 January 2015

Last updated: 30 August 2016

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