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Gardening Season Is Upon Us – Don’t Put Your Back Out

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Whether it’s your passion or a chore, spring is approaching, and your garden is calling out for love.

However, gardening can place considerable stress on the ligaments and joints in the lower lumbar spine, especially after a winter of inactivity.

Health tech startup PERCKO, the specialist in back pain relief, is here to lend a hand. The Lyne HOME, an easy-to-slip-on jacket, will be your partner in crime as you get dirty in the flowerbeds.

Its elasticated tensor technology, developed with physiotherapists and osteopaths, will remind you to mind your position and reset and rest your back periodically.

Why does gardening make your back hurt?

The growing season calls for digging, prolonged periods bent over, and lifting awkward objects. All these activities place a lot of stress on the lower lumbar spine, causing it to become sore if not cared for properly.

Although not always strenuous, your movements are unlike those carried out at other times of the year, and your body needs time to adjust.

How the Lyne HOME works

The Lyne HOME jacket is equipped with a system of elasticated tensors and uses the principle of self-correction to encourage the wearer to reset and engage their posture naturally.

In practice, when you put your back under excessive stress, you feel a counteraction from the jacket, which is a subtle reminder to reset your position. The Lyne HOME will keep you in check if you absently reach too far for that last scoop of potting soil.

It was designed for practicality around the home and garden, so it slips on over your clothing and is completely adjustable to fit all chest sizes, thanks to a Velcro belt.

Lyne technology

PERCKO worked with biomechanical experts, physiotherapists and osteopaths to develop Lyne technology. All Lyne products are certified as medical devices. Six studies on over 4,400 testers were submitted as part of the certification process of Lyne products as medical devices. 

Developed in France, the Lyne HOME is made of polyamide and elastane from OEKO-TEX-certified recycled European materials.

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