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From Gangster to Bestseller: Stephen Gillen’s Journey in “Extraordinary”

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One of the UK’s most infamous former gangsters is set to release his highly anticipated book on April 4th to a captivated audience. Titled Extraordinary: The Search for a Life Worth Living, the book is part of a remarkable two-book deal with a prominent traditional publisher and has already secured the top spot as a No. 1 bestseller in two categories during the pre-sale phase.

The author, Stephen Gillen, was once labelled as one of Britain’s most dangerous prisoners, alongside the likes of Charles Bronson, whom he exclusively details in his book, recounting their time together in special units. Gillen, who served a 17-year sentence for organised crime offences and spent 12 years as a Category A prisoner, has undergone a remarkable transformation, earning him recognition as a rare figure in the world of crime. In 2019, he was even nominated for an international peace prize.

Born in the UK, Gillen was abandoned by his mother in Belfast at just 6 months old, amidst turbulent times. Following the death of his foster mother at the age of 9, he was sent back to England and endured a series of violent children’s homes and prisons, eventually being groomed by top-level criminals in the East End to become one of Britain’s most notorious mobsters.

Today, as a TV broadcaster, media personality, CEO, and humanitarian, Gillen is celebrated for his dramatic life turnaround and is renowned as one of the inspirations behind the character Finn in Sky’s popular series Gangs of London. Scheduled to embark on a tour with Waterstones, Gillen will host a private book launch at a flagship store in the City of London on 16th April.

The event, expected to draw celebrities, sports figures, business leaders, and prominent names in the film and TV industry, will subsequently travel to various locations across the UK. Gillen, who also starred in Sky’s premium series The Essex Murders, recently completed a series with Ross Kemp on the Mafia, set to air in May, where they embark on a compelling exploration of London’s Mafia history.

Extraordinary: The Search for a Life Worth Living is poised to make waves in the true crime genre, offering a gripping narrative of survival, redemption, horror, and hope as Gillen delves deep into a world of pain, violence, transformation, and eventual triumph.

Chronos Publishing and Fox Media, Gillen’s literary agent and publisher, remarked: “It’s exceptionally rare to encounter a story of such resilience, retribution, horror, and hope. Stephen’s life journey is something Guy Ritchie could only dream of envisioning, yet he has clawed his way back and is now making a positive impact on others. We hope that readers of this book will recognise that even those deemed unworthy of a second chance have valuable contributions to offer, and that the mind is truly our most potent tool.”

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