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Very Launches Ultimate Gamer Well-Being Guide to Help Gamers Look After Their Nutrition, Physical Health, and Mental Health

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News Release, (2022, January 14). Very Launches Ultimate Gamer Well-Being Guide to Help Gamers Look After Their Nutrition, Physical Health, and Mental Health. Psychreg on Health & Medicine.
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The eSports industry has exploded. Valued at over $1.5 billion, with 180 professional teams and millions of players worldwide, it’s highly likely that everyone either knows a gamer or is one themselves.

And it’s not just Gen X’ers and Millenials who game. 1/3 of gamers are over the age of 34, and almost ½ of all gamers are parents themselves. Gaming has infiltrated every generation, meaning that there’s never been a more pertinent time to focus on gamers’ health and well-being as the industry continues to grow.

This is an area that’s been lacking. From hobby gamers to professionals, players widely report physical ailments, low nutrition and a lack of understanding and support when looking after their minds and bodies. If even the players at the top aren’t getting what they need, it’s time something is done about it.

We want to help. With the assistance of experts across the fields of nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy and sports and fitness, we’ve put together this fully comprehensive well-being guide for gamers. This is the first time all this advice has been put in one place, and it’s completely free.

Whether you like to play from home on your laptop, from your phone on the go or from a professional setup in a gaming gym, all the information you need to stay on top of your health and well-being is now in one place for you to download.


With the help of three well-known dieticians and nutritionists, Very reveals all the intel on meals and snacks, hydration and supplements to make sure you’re adequately fuelling your mind, body and game.

Physical health

Want to know how to get rid of those gamer aches and pains for good? With the help of eSports Physical Therapist Caitlin McGee, Very has put together a movement guide, a gaming setup guide and a wealth of top tips for staying active and healthy when away from the game.

Mental health

No well-being guide is complete without some tips on taking care of your mind. Very spoke to Chris Shambrook, Performance Psychology Expert and Director at PlanetK2, to get his advice on how gamers can keep their minds and brains healthy to perform at the top of their game, all the time.

The guide is available online.

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