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Call for Papers: The Future of Qualitative Health Research


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Deadline extended to Monday, 1st October 2018, 9am (GMT)
Crafting the Future of Qualitative Health Research in a Changing World
4th Qualitative Health Research Network (QHRN) Conference, 21–22 March 2019, London, UK

Call for abstracts

Healthcare environments across the globe are undergoing major change across multiple dimensions as they respond to changing populations, major geopolitical instability, global austerity, migration, rapid technological advances, personalised medicine, and ongoing demands for more patient involvement.

We believe that empirically robust and theoretically relevant qualitative health research (QHR) is essential to helping local healthcare communities anticipate and navigate the social consequences these changes create. The 4th Qualitative Health Research Network (QHRN) Conference is organised in relation to the theme ‘Crafting the Future of Qualitative Health Research in a Changing World’ and will seek to advance and improve QHR in the face of the challenges outlined above.

The QHRN Conference is an international biennial event that aims to disseminate research on health, illness and care that uses qualitative or mixed-methods approaches. It seeks to advance the role and current practice of qualitative health research by providing opportunities for discussion, critical reflection and networking.

The conference will bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines, practitioners, policymakers, and health service users and, for the first time, will be held over two days. Day 1 will consist of workshops that delegates can sign up for when registering for the conference (Day 2).

We welcome abstracts for poster and oral presentations on the following topics relating to the future of qualitative research:

  • Healthcare in a changing world
  • New approaches in qualitative research methods
  • Use of social theory to understand healthcare delivery
  • Collaboration and engagement
  • Dissemination and knowledge mobilisation
  • Healthcare improvement

Submit your abstract by 1st October 2018 9am GMT. Guidelines for abstract submission can be found here.

More information on the QHRN can be found hereConference delegates will have the opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops (day one) on qualitative health research methods and approaches.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2019.

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