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Nicole Cowart

How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Education

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Today technologies are everywhere. In the digital world, we can do our daily tasks easier, more efficient and instantly. You can get anyone and anything literally at your fingertips.

Technology in education is developing every day. New technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and educational software don’t just transform the field for students. They totally change the role of teachers and instructors, making them adopt new approaches to teaching.

Remote education and online learning classrooms

Technology afforded an opportunity for remote or distant education. Today people from far off countries can study in different universities around the world through distance education and can also gain and improve their writing skills using essay writing service. Nowadays students can start learning something just sitting in front of the laptop screen. These are the best advantages of the modern world.

Cloud technology turned the world into one big classroom. Online learning has changed teaching and learning. The future of education is all about access. Anywhere learning and cooperation can take place – both on local and global levels.

We all realise that today teaching and learning become social. Different massive open online courses, vlogs, written blogs, and other ways people share their knowledge are very popular nowadays.

Technology impact also amplifies on school education. Today educators are using different learning management system (LMS) like Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Edmodo to manage the online classes efficiently. In the future schools could have both traditional groups of students, and online-only students from all around the country or even the world. The role of educators also changes. Now they mainly have to guide the students on how to learn and search for required solutions on the internet.

Artificial intelligence and virtual realities

Technology proceeds with reshaping education. New technologies have already replaced the blackboards. Smart interactive whiteboards and computers in most classrooms don’t come as a surprise anymore. Next stage in future of education system is wide using of augmented and virtual realities. They will engage much more students and allow each of them to learn in individual and the most comfortable way.

Another great technology that is onwards and upwards today is AI. It’s a great way for educators to automate grading the students by their marks. With the help of an AI system can recognise wrong answers to submitted assignments and homework very quickly, alert the teacher and give the instruction on how to better provide information or spend more time with particular students.

AI technology also allows students to be aware of everything they want to learn anywhere and anytime. Researches in the sphere of AI have proved that learning using this technology gives better results as students can learn in an individual way that is tailored for their personal needs and skills.

Tablets, mobile devices, and apps

Even today smart devices are very effective tools to teach, learn and get help. Smartboards, iPads, and even smartphones are widely used with students. If some student needs extra help, he just types assignment help for me in Google and gets it. Teachers should be original and follow innovations. For example, implement gadgets in the classroom to better engage with students and grade them.

Students don’t get bored with such a way of learning. There are tons of learning applications available in the application stores on any topic. Student can pick on them and study without assistance. Sometimes smart gadgets are more efficient than a human tutor and less time and money consuming.

Besides, some subjects demand a visual or video description to understand. Smart gadgets can show the required images and videos at the right time and make learning and teaching very in an accessible and interesting manner.

Teach and be taught

So, what’s the future for technology and education? It’s bright for sure, as the way of learning and teaching is improving. Personalised learning will become even more accessible and customisable. And classroom management and ways of assessment will evolve and get shaped.

Today technologies offer us the unique opportunity to learn anything right on the go. On the other hand, if you are experienced in something, you can share your knowledge with others. You can easily make your own online course or vlog to teach people.

After all, you become better as you teach someone. Take chances to change your life, to improve your skills and share it. You are never late to learn.

Nicole Cowart is a professional writer and an experienced mentor. Nicole has set up a couple of online courses and took part in creating massive open online courses. 

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