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3 Funded PhD at Birmingham City University


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Here are three current PhD studentship opportunities at Birmingham City University, in care of older people; postnatal depression /multiple births; and impact of a mobile health unit.

1. A Marie Sklowodska-Curie PhD position, part of the Innovate Dignity-ITN consortium – Project proposals are invited that address the title: ‘Gendered aspects of older person care, with delineation of care service and well-being impacts’. This project will be supervised by Professor Fiona Cowdell (fiona.cowdell@bcu.ac.uk) and Dr Rob Smith. Note that as this project is part of a multicentre consortium, there is an earlier deadline (7th March 2019) and different application process from our other studentships. Details and instructions are available here:  .

2. The School of Nursing and Midwifery through the Elizabeth Bryan Multiple Births Centre is building a body of research relating to multiple births. We are seeking proposals for a PhD study that will explore postnatal depression in multiple birth parents in the UK. This is a Graduate Research & Teaching Assistantship. The candidate will be expected to contribute to teaching and related activity for programmes in a relevant area of professional practice, such as nursing, midwifery, health visiting or allied healthcare. Therefore, the successful candidate is likely to have professional experience in one of these areas. Contact: Professor Merryl Harvey (merryl.harvey@bcu.ac.uk). The application deadline is on 1st May 2019. For detailed information click here.

3. This PhD aims to explore the use of a mobile health unit as a way of delivering health and well-being services to communities in Birmingham, UK and is part of a partnership between Birmingham City University, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust and Birmingham City Council. We would be particularly interested in hearing from candidates with interest in pursuing a proposal in one of the following areas:

  • Organisational research such as integration and collaboration of different organisations and/or the impact of expansion of health provision hours
  • Psychological and mental health research – Do people respond better to an outreach facility than traditional mental health and healthcare services, and does it improve health and well-being outcomes?
  • Service user characteristics and demographics – who accesses the bus and why?
  • The use of data to inform services in the community.

Supervisors: Dr Sarahjane Jones (sarahjane.jones@bcu.ac.uk) and Dr Angela Hewett (angela.hewett@bcu.ac.uk)

Application deadline: 01 May 2019

Detailed information is available here.