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These Are the Fundamental Characteristics and Uses of a Vinyl Tarp 

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One of the most popular tarps in the vinyl category is the 9 Oz, heavy-duty waterproof tarp. It’s around 16×20 inches. The colour is white and black. The item weight is 20 pounds. The thickness is 11 millimetres. The 3-ply vinyl entails UV protection and tear resistance. The vinyl tarps don’t have pipe sleeves, channels, or grommets. 

  • The heavy-duty vinyl is long-lasting. It features a sturdy three-ply build. A poly mesh scrim sits in the centre. 
  • There’s a quality PVC vinyl coating on either side. You can trim the sides with minimum fraying. The centre mesh coat or layer prevents tearing or ripping. 
  • You’ll find that the manufacturers don’t install grommets along the edges or on the pipe channels. The edge has a straight cut.
  • It can hold the grommets if the installation is on point. The vinyl cement is HH-66. You can use it for making other alterations. 
  • The popular applications are floor cover, boat/car cover, roofing, landscaping, hay tarp, shade screen, divider, truck, construction, sport tarps, agriculture, and vapour barrier.

Applications and qualities

A vinyl tarp is thicker than most other tarps. While you can use them for most outdoor and indoor covering requisites, you can design these tarps for tougher applications. Their ability to thwart inclement weather conditions make them commercially viable, especially during exigencies. 

  • You often use vinyl tarps as truck covers. The tarps keep your cargo/load on the truck bed.
  • Experts recommend you use these vinyl tarps when transporting loads. Accidents or damages might happen if the items/goods fall off the vehicle.
  • If these covers are too heavy for your needs, you can always go for other varieties. 
  • Vinyl tarps are more durable than the regular products. Their thickness makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications. 
  • Even when you leave the tarps outdoors for a prolonged period of time, they won’t deteriorate or deplete easily.
  • Their toughness is unmatchable. The seams have heat sealing and are resistant to tearing and abrasions. You can frequently expose them to the sun because they have UV protection. 
  • The tarp can also thwart liquids like grease and oil. In the event of showers, the material can resist the harmful agents that rain brings. Due to this resistance, you can use it on oil-based products and substances.


You use the material for a wide range of applications. These include standard applications and unique pathways. Some prominent examples are construction tarps, pond liners, agriculture, hay covers, floor and roof covers, shop curtains, hurricane, lumber, windscreens, concrete curing, slip and slides, yurts or tents, handbags, truck tarps, and many more.

There are reputable stores selling various sizes of tarps. The exhaustive inventories are accessible to all. You have the small 10×10 ft tarps and the giant 200×200 ft products. There are some billboard tarps that are most popular. 

The common sizes are 20×60, 14×48, 10×36, and 12×24 ft. The companies keep changing their inventory and updating their website with the arrival of any new material. You can also get a custom size of the tarp if you order it in advance. 

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