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A Fruitful Journey to a Better Well-being

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Relief is a wellness application that seeks to tackle and improve support for individuals worldwide, providing humane conversations between postgraduate psychology students and the user, for £9.99. 

Adapting to our fast-paced world, Relief provides 20-minute video calls with corresponding psychology postgraduates based on the topics selected on the app. The diversity of topics allows users to tackle more than just a single area in their lives, including love, personal growth, family, friends, well-being, and more. 

Users can remain anonymous through the blurred feature offered on the app, giving them the option of privacy – although if preferred they are able to unblur their video completely to allow for a more relational conversation. Relief approaches well-being in an easy-going manner – allowing its users to objectively clear a hurdle, a complication, or even a barrier towards an area of their lives, with a friendly face. 

The postgraduates chosen to listen and assist users are selected and vetted psychology apprentices, who have not yet received their license to practice in a professional field, yet have the knowledge and perspectives needed to aid our customers in a casual manner, without crossing the line into professional help. 

This gives our customers the opportunity to talk to someone who may be more cultivated than their everyday friends-and-family support, yet not biased towards a clinical perspective. Not only does Relief’s service aim to aid its users, but it also allows for its network of postgraduates to gain the experience needed for their future careers. 

The universal language used by the postgraduates is English, though it doesn’t stop there. Many other languages and cultural backgrounds are covered to showcase the diversity Relief aims to reach – Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Hindi, and many more. 

The London-based startup was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Sacha Nasan and Glenn Keller, in October 2020. The concept for the app was born when they analysed the well-being industry and realised there was a significant gap between informal support (family and friends) and formal support (professional counselling), where the latter is not always required for casual matters. That is where Relief comes in – providing casual aid between the two polar opposites through the lens of a friendly psychology postgraduate.

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