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10 Proven Ways to Cleanse Your Body of Free Radicals: Are Antioxidants the Answer We’ve Been Looking For?

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It is important to be aware of free radicals and the damage they can bring to the body. It is possible that free radicals can damage the development, growth, and survival of the cells in your body. Not only are free radicals closely associated with the progression of ageing, but they are also closely linked to the development of cancer. These radicals are commonly associated with health issues like diabetes, hardened arteries, and wrinkles on the skin. Just from this information alone, it is obvious why it is important to find ways to cleanse the body of these radicals.

Here are 10 effective ways you can cleanse the body and rid it of free radicals with antioxidants:

Consume foods high in antioxidants

Antioxidants work to neutralise free radicals, keeping them from causing serious cell damage. That being said, it is a good idea to include as many antioxidants as you can in your diet. Antioxidants are found in numerous plants in the form of different vitamins including vitamins E, C, and A. Cranberries and blueberries are great sources of antioxidants. You can also find products like the ones available on c60purplepower.com that contain C60, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Eat more fruits

Instead of grabbing a piece of pie or cake for dessert, start eating fresh fruit. It is so simple to create a fruit bowl that is delicious and antioxidant full by throwing together fruits like kiwi, grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, papaya, and grapes. By including more fresh fruit in your diet, you will avoid eating processed foods that are high in sugar and can fill the body with free radicals.

Learn about antioxidant superfoods

There are many foods that contain antioxidants that are good for you, but there are some foods that are known as antioxidant superfoods. This is because they contain high levels of more than one vitamin, so you get even more benefits from eating these specific foods. A few examples are figs, dark chocolate, raisins, beets, oranges, pomegranates, and the list goes on. Do some research and learn all about antioxidant superfoods, so you can start incorporating them into your diet.

Eat more flavonoids

Flavonoids, also known as plant metabolites, are a great way to consume more antioxidants and get rid of harmful free radicals in the body. Examples of flavonoids to consume include lettuce, milk, berries, turnip greens, eggplant, onions, miso, tofu, cherries, plums, pears, soybeans, and even a glass of red wine. As you can see, cleansing the body of these radicals does not mean living a strict, limited lifestyle when it comes to food. It is possible to enjoy things like cheese and wine while also keeping the body as healthy as possible.

Herbal therapy

Another great way to rid the body of free radicals is to try out herbal therapy when it comes to food. There are so many spices and herbs that not only take a meal to the next level taste-wise but also include countless health benefits and relieve oxidative stress. Try adding turmeric, rosemary, ginger, and grape seed extract to food to reap the nutritional rewards.

Consume tea

It should come as no surprise that consuming more tea is on this list. There are many proven benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis. Enjoying a cup of warm tea at the end of a long day can not only help the body relax, but it also includes polyphenols that fight off oxidation. Another great option is to enjoy a cup of green tea, hot or cold, in the morning or afternoon. According to Medical News Today, green tea is one of the least processed teas, so it contains a lot of antioxidants that are great for you.

Eat more veggies

Eating foods that are rich in lutein, beta-carotene, and lycopene is a key way to rid the body of free radicals. Some foods to include in your diet are tomatoes, mango, Brussels sprouts, corn, carrots, collard greens, and broccoli flowers.

There are numerous ways to incorporate these foods like putting together a vegetable medley or throwing them together in a casserole.

Enjoy alcohol in moderation

A very effective way to clean the body of these radicals is by limiting the amount of alcohol consumed on a daily basis. While it is not necessary to cut alcohol completely out of your diet, it may be a good idea to limit yourself to one to two drinks per day. According to Science Daily, alcohol increases corrosive free radical activity in the body. These drinks are also typically very high in calories, so it is best to keep consumption to a minimum.

Avoid red and processed meats

While many people consume both red and processed meat regularly, they fail to consider the lack of nutritional value these foods have. Processed meats like salami, bacon, and sausages may be delicious to eat, but they are harmful to your health and can produce free radicals due to the preservatives used to help them have a longer shelf life. As far as red meats go, the high levels of iron in these meats make them more vulnerable to oxidation, so it is wise to avoid them.

Stop reusing cooking oils

It is not smart to reuse cooking fats and oils that you have already cooked with once. When they heat up, they begin to oxidise, which is how free radicals are created, and it is easy for these to sneak into the foods you eat. The best way to make sure this does not happen is to be safe and never reuse oils or fats when cooking.

Free radicals may cause serious damage to health, but it is comforting to know that there are so many ways anyone can cleanse the body of them and stay as healthy as possible. Incorporating antioxidants into a daily diet is the easiest way to start the cleansing process and keep free radicals out. Try implementing these foods in your meals and you will notice a visible difference in no time.


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