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Free Psychology Fringe Festival in Liverpool

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What is the Clinical Psychology Fringe?
The Clinical Psychology Fringe takes place in venues across Liverpool from Wednesday 19th to Friday 20th January 2017, running alongside the annual conference for the Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society. It aims to take big ideas to different public spaces in the city, exploring what mental health and well-being mean in the 21st century by way of the arts. It will feature a range of performances and events over three evenings, followed by a conference, Beyond The Therapy Room, on the Saturday.

Who’s behind it?
It is being developed by psychologists, mental health professionals, service users and artists who believe that clinical psychology can come together with the community, to inspire and explore something new. Many of the artists and performers have experience of mental health services themselves.

Why is it happening?
The more we can talk about mental health — and the more ways we find to talk about it, sing about it, rap, act, paint, photograph and so much else, then the more chance we have of improving well-being more generally. Mental health isn’t something that belongs behind the clinic-room door or in the professor’s office. It belongs to all of us.

Why now?
The British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology is having its conference in Liverpool in January. The Fringe is running alongside it, aiming to open up psychology to the public.

Where is it happening?
Different events will take place in different venues around the city of Liverpool: cafes, clubs, galleries, pubs, performance spaces and more. Stay tuned for more information

Who can I speak to if I want to find out more?
E-mail: beyondthetherapyroom@gmail.com

Click here for details about the Psychology Fringe Festival in Liverpool from 18-21 January 2017. It runs in the evenings around the main DCP conference. All the fringe events are free to attend and open to anyone. Please do spread the word, this is a great opportunity to explore mental health and well-being through the arts. There are some great acts and some wonderful venues. 

Please spread the word and do come along. Booking is recommended as places are limited.

Source: Clinical Psychology Fringe

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