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4 Free Human Resource Virtual Events to Watch on Demand

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If there is one silver lining to the pandemic, it is the way it sped up the development of digital technology that seamlessly connects people and processes across great distances. Events are one of the greatest beneficiaries of this surge and there’s no turning back.

In their survey of organisers and event attendees, Kaltura found that both event organisers and attendees expect virtual events to continue post-pandemic. Organisers (90%) expect large-scale events to be hybrid or virtual in 2023, while attendees (84%) expect to always have an online option available.

And why not? Now, you can attend human resource virtual events (or events on almost any topic) no matter where you are. You can even get them on demand when you’re unavailable during the day and time the event streams live.

Here are four human resource virtual events that are worth your time. Not only do they cover important topics, but they are also free to watch on demand.

The diversity and inclusion forum for future workplaces

Diversity and inclusion are human resource buzzwords. Consequently, many human resource professionals are scrambling to ride the bandwagon by modifying their hiring guidelines (say, to hire more women) and conducting diversity orientation seminars.

Diversity and inclusion practices go so much deeper and further than such practices, however. The D&I culture must permeate every level of an organization and be interwoven with the very fabric of a business organisation if it is to improve profitability effectively,

McKinsey’s research shows companies that are in the top quartile for gender diversity in their corporate leadership (executive positions) were more likely to outperform by 25% those companies that belong in the fourth quartile in the same category (gender diversity). Likewise, top-quartile companies in leadership ethnic diversity were more likely to outperform fourth-quartile companies by 36%.

Watching The D&I Forum for Future Workplaces is a good starting point if you’re an HR professional who wants to know more about D&I and learn how to put together an effective D&I strategy. In this forum, you will hear from people who have already done the same, and you will discover how:

  • Intersectionality must inform D&I measures
  • Culture drives innovation and affects the bottom-line
  • To measure ROI on an inclusion strategy
  • To achieve gender balance in the boardroom
  • To leverage affinity groups
  • To address bias in hiring and workplace decisions
  • To transition a disability inclusion practice from a mere compliance practice to becoming part of the company culture
  • To practise allyship

Digital workplace – the office of the future

You know digital transformation significantly contributes to manufacturing and supply chain optimisation. However, a digital transformation strategy must be holistic to be genuinely effective.

Digital transformation goes beyond converting analogue data to digital and using software to speed up or automate processes. It pertains to technology-aided business transformation. 

In digital transformation, a company has a vision of how it can make and extract the most value from its operations. It then uses digital technology to bring this vision to fruition.

Digital transformation typically involves using technology to maximise unit production from the same quantity of raw materials. It means using technology to minimize costs and, thus, increase profit even at the same production level. However, it requires an integrated approach. Therefore, it also typically entails using technology-enabled human resource productivity improvements.

This digital forum will help you clarify how you can employ technology to transform how your people can get things done at the workplace. In this free-registration, watch-on-demand virtual event, you will learn:

  • The elements that you need to make a sustainable digital workplace
  • The tools and technologies you can use to build a functional digital workplace
  • To measure productivity in a digital workplace
  • To define boundaries to prevent employee overload and burnout
  • To integrate IT into HR
  • To balance technology and human resources

HR technology trends for future workplaces

Just because specific operational processes have worked for thirty years and can continue working for another thirty, it doesn’t mean you should continue using them. Why stick to a work-from-office model when a technology-enabled permanent work-from-home setup increases your productivity and motivates your employees?

Of course, this is not everybody’s experience, but how will you know if it will work (or fail) in your case if you don’t first try it out? If it failed in your organisation, it’s also possible the fault lay in the way the model was implemented, so it may merit another try.

The discussion is not about the benefits of working remotely, however. It’s an attempt to convince you to reevaluate your current systems and processes and see if you can make them better.

HR Technology Trends for Future Workplaces will inspire you to harness technology to manage your company’s human resources smartly. This digital event will acquaint you with innovative workplace trends you can implement in your organization. It should also induce you to adopt certain strategies other HR practitioners are employing with great success in their operations.

By sitting in on this digital forum, you will learn how to use:

  • Technology to manage a hybrid work environment
  • Technology to foster an inclusive culture and reduce workplace bias
  • Artificial intelligence to define people’s intelligence
  • Automation to increase employee productivity
  • Digital tools to support employee mental health

Revamping employee rewards and benefits

There’s a significant relationship between extrinsic rewards (such as salary, bonuses, and benefits) and employee performance. HR professionals can use this relationship to improve productivity across the organisation.

Revamping Employee Rewards and Benefits will help you do just that. This digital forum covers the following specific topics:

  • Current compensation and benefits implementation trends
  • Future trends of compensation and benefits
  • Benefits that make for a more resilient staff
  • Strategies for designing employee rewards
  • Wellness programs (physical, mental, social, and financial)
  • Employee engagement and retention

Take part in human resource virtual events 

Innovate your HR systems and processes to increase your organisation’s productivity and improve employee motivation. 

Gain better results by learning from other HR practitioners who have generously shared their knowledge through human resource virtual events. Start with the four events listed here, which you can watch for free and on-demand.

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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