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Frank Johnston


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Frank Johnston, together with Susan Johnston make up the psychotherapy practice known as Johnston Psychology Associates. They have been in practice partners since 1989. Starting at 16 N. Goodman St. and later moving to 480 White Spruce Blvd, they now practice at 160 Allens Creek Rd, Rochester, NY 14618. In their latest office. they share space with three other psychologists and one psychiatrist.

Drs Johnston met at Columbia University in the City of New York, completed their PhD training at the University at Albany and did their predoctoral internship at the University at Buffalo. Prior to independent practice, Frank Johnston worked for Family Service of Rochester, the child and adolescent clinic at Rochester General Hospital, the Community Learning Development Centre at RIT, and the childcare centre at SUNY Brockport.

He has published in the areas of career and talent development, optimal performance and sports psychology. He is particularly interested in positive psychology: character strengths, gratitude and “flow”. His most recent article with Duane Beck, PhD is in the February 2012 issue of Quality Product (an American Society of Quality publication) entitled ‘The Power of Positive’ which examined positive psychology as the human element to the business efficiency process of lean six sigma. In conjunction with the Greater Rochester Chiropractic Group, he offers workshops on ‘Positive Psychology and Chronic Pain’. Frank Johnston also does workshops on ‘Positive Psychology and Anxiety’, ‘Positive Psychology and Depression’, ‘Positive Psychology and Relationships’ and ‘Positive Psychology and Your Career’.
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Published: 09 August 2015

Last updated: 01 October 2016

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