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Founders of “The Remmert Method” Celebrate Transforming Lives and Businesses

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The Remmert method, the innovative psychotherapy coaching enterprise founded by power duo Odille and Steve Remmert, proudly announces unprecedented success, becoming a six-figure business in 2023 and supporting high-profile entrepreneurs including Peter Szabo. Specialising in its unique, transformative Remmert method, the dynamic husband-and-wife team has propelled 32 one-to-one clients to overcome unconscious limiting beliefs, catalysing substantial positive changes in both personal and professional realms in the last 12 months.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the Remmert method offers a 90-day 1-2-1 programme using its own blend of psychotherapy strategies based on neuroscience. This comprehensive coaching initiative focuses on removing unconscious limiting beliefs through a range of brain chemistry exercises, empowering coaches and entrepreneurs to level up their ventures. The programme addresses issues such as Imposter Syndrome, fear of rejection, procrastination, and self-confidence challenges by overcoming hurdles often initially caused by foundational negative childhood traumas and experiences. Clients are also equipped with coping strategies to ensure that progress is still maintained even at challenging times in life.

Odille Remmert’s own personal journey is a testament to the transformative power of the Remmert method. Formerly an actress and singer in the UK with a track record of unsuccessful business ventures, Odille faced a challenging period towards the end of 2015. Divorced, depressed, and struggling to make ends meet in Gloucester, she found a lifeline through changing her brain chemistry and meeting Steve at an industry seminar in Oklahoma.

The Remmert method, created by husband-and-wife co-founders, is a result of both the couple’s rigorous study and personal development. Steve’s psychotherapy training at Governor’s State University, coupled with Odille’s Neuroscience Harvard X Certification, laid the foundations for supporting clients worldwide and has proven effective in unlocking potential and fostering positive change for 32 clients in the last 12 months.

Subsequently, Odille and Steve Remmert have penned the acclaimed book Change What Happened to You, available on Amazon and Audible. Launched on 13th April 2022, the book has received rave reviews, earning a stellar 4.6 out of a 5-star rating.

The co-founders explain: “We believe empowering just one coach or entrepreneur can create a world-changing ripple effect. That is our driving force – to empower 1,000 coaches and entrepreneurs to improve their own businesses, in turn transforming 1,000,000 lives through our coaching, courses, and live events.”

Entrepreneur Peter Szabo, a multi-figure business owner, credits the Remmert method: “I finally understood and figured out why I was self-sabotaging, felt like an imposter and a fraud, why certain things took forever and why crazy, fluctuating income rollercoasters.

“When I finally worked with Steve, my day-to-day anxiety levels dropped, my health got better, my business grew by 25% in a single month and I can’t say enough good things about Steve!”

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