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“I’m a Food Expert”: These Are the Foods You Can Grow at Home to Save Money and Live Sustainably

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Despite a slowed rate, food prices remain high, prompting Brits to look for ways to shop and live more sustainably this year. A new study by the Office for National Statistics revealed 39% of Brits reported spending more on food shopping than normal, with 4 in 10 admitting to buying less in early January.

In a bid to help those wanting to live more sustainably in 2024, experts from HelloFresh share how simply growing your own produce at home can result in substantial cost savings for families up and down the country.

Recent research by the University of Sheffield found that food growers produce approximately half of their annual supply of vegetables, 20% of their fruit supply and eat 70% more fruit and vegetables than the UK national average. And their waste is 95% lower than that of the average UK household.

With this in mind, the team at HelloFresh is helping to educate the UK on how to grow their own fruit and vegetables with a helpful and easy-to-follow video and guide, along with expert tips from expert Mimi Morley.

Mimi shares her top tips on growing your own fruit and vegetables, including the easiest vegetables to grow and when to sow and harvest them: “Growing your own ingredients saves money, benefits the planet, and is fun too! Here are the top fruits and vegetables that you can grow easily in the UK climate, saving yourself some serious money along the way. Potatoes and carrots are some of the easiest vegetables to grow, so they’re a good place to start for beginners.

“A lot of fruits and vegetables like to be sown or planted in the UK in early spring, meaning there’s no better time to grab your gardening gloves and get started. Remember, everything you do when starting a vegetable patch is an opportunity to learn and experiment, so don’t worry if you don’t get perfect results the first time around.”

Mimi goes on to explain: “You could even take a further step into sustainable living and batch make your meals and freeze or share with friends, family, and neighbours.”

For more information on what’s in season in the UK right now and recipe ideas to use your home-grown produce, see HelloFresh’s ultimate guide on how to grow your own vegetables and fruits at home, including an easy to follow video.

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