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Food Addiction Coach Joins ukactive to Help Fitness Professionals

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Food addiction coach Dr Bunmi Aboaba has announced a strategic partnership with ukactive, the UK’s leading membership body for the physical activity sector. By joining the ukactive Strategic Partner Group, Dr Aboaba demonstrates her commitment, as a food addiction coach, to getting more people more active, more often.

The move enables Dr Aboaba to reach a broader audience in her quest to help people combat food-related issues and create a happy, healthy relationship with food. She is a food addiction coach and leading authority on food addiction, helping clients achieve a healthy relationship with food to meet long-term health goals. Her work covers the full spectrum of disordered eating, including overeating, compulsive eating, emotional eating, and other associated patterns.

Dr Bunmi is the creator of the R4 Method, a Food Addiction Certification to support health and fitness professionals, nutritionists, nurses, teachers, dieticians and medical clinicians to help their clients achieve long-lasting results. She is also the author of Craving Freedom, a new book for building a healthy relationship with food.

As part of the partnership, Dr Bunmi Aboaba will be offering training programmes and retreats to gyms and fitness professionals looking to increase their knowledge expand their skill set. 

She is also a Training Provider Partner to CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity), said: ‘I am very passionate about helping people to beat their compulsive overeating, including food addiction, where they often have a hard time self-regulating and struggle with impulse control and triggers.’

‘This can often sabotage fitness and nutrition programmes, so this partnership is perfect. Many people who struggle with food also struggle to exercise regularly. By approaching food addiction from the perspective of mental health, people can tackle both their food and exercise goals simultaneously, and when one area improves, so does the other’ explained Dr Aboaba.

ukactive represents more than 4,000 members across the physical activity sector – from gyms, swimming pools and leisure facilities to other activity providers, sports organisations, major consumer brands, and equipment suppliers.

It also facilitates high-impact partnerships, lobbies government, conceives and drives breakthrough campaigns, conducts critical research and galvanises stakeholders to develop projects that support and champion the physical activity plan.

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