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Lucy Otieno

A Folk Healer Told Me to Have Abortion – I Haven’t and I Now Advocate for Young Mothers in Kenya

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I’m 22 years old and I’m from Kenya. I’m a single parent and a mother of one. My son is 1 year old and 3 months old. My life changed in 2020 when I finished my secondary education. I got pregnant but the man didn’t accept it; I sought help and I met a folk healer who told me to have an abortion. 

I had a nightmare for the whole of 2020 and I had to look for a man, fell in love, and get pregnant in order to hurry my past. It was a very bad past since I could hear a voice of a baby crying all over. This is the secret that I’ve kept from my son’s father since he was caring and I did not want to make him change his mind.

Since he was also my fellow student, in college, life isn’t good since he had to hustle to make ends meet and get my daily meal and needs. It’s been a hard moment for me. My son is alive, and now my mother loves him. It forced me to start doing my own hustling of selling popcorn to feed my baby. And that did not make me stop my schooling. Still, I’m continuing with my education, pursuing a diploma in social work and community development.

According to my lifestyle, a life of strain, I decided to do voluntary work by teaching adolescent girls and youth, mostly young mothers. I inspire them by teaching them and creating awareness of teenage pregnancy and abortion, SRHR, HIV/AIDS, and many more. I have to bring change to my community. Through community dialogue and visiting the adolescent within their schools. Through my popcorn sales, I save 50KSh (about £0.35) per day so that by the end of the month I  buy sanitary towels for the ladies within my group. Since I created a group within my community to empower my girls.

To the young mothers, I  teach them and give them hope in life since giving birth isn’t the end of life. It was just a mistake but God is in control. Therefore, they have to take heart the way I did by going to school with my son in hard times though he was young I had to do it.

I had a challenge in my community since I was not my father’s biological daughter. This made me abandon my home and rent my own house for me to finish my education. My dad lost his job, my mother is everything. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers plus my son. My mum is everything now and no one to support her. She works as a hairdresser to earn money for school fees and food.

My sister is about to join Form 1 everything is on me, I don’t know how  I will do it since I don’t work and my brother is in Form 2.

Life is just difficult; no one to share with. But I’m praying that God will one day make a way for me to bring change to our home and my community.

Lucy Otieno is a peer mentor in Kenya. She is involved in a number of projects supporting young mothers.

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