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Flyfish Review – Get Access to Trusted Corporate Payroll Management

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When you’re operating a business in today’s world, you need a system that allows you to transact with clients and suppliers beyond the border. When you cast a wider net, you’re more likely to draw in customers and affordable materials that meet your budget specifications. However, using the traditional banking system makes this far more difficult. That’s where it helps to have a system in place like Flyfish. It’s a global payment platform that gives you access to various features and makes it easier to pay both employees and suppliers. It’s one of the leading services providing corporate IBANs and in this review, I’ll mention why you should consider using their services.

Manage employee salaries, tax withholdings, and more

The essence of payroll management by Flyfish is that it includes solutions to manage things such as employee salaries, benefits, and tax withholdings. With these services, companies can make sure that they’re processing payroll accurately and on time. At the same time, they can comply with tax regulations and proper payroll management. This frees up time and resources for essential business activities.

An additional feature that Flyfish provides is that it centralises employee payroll through the platform, giving each person access to globally connected accounts. This way, every business owner who signs up for the service can make different payments or choose automatic payroll. Plus, you can do so through employee debit cards or common bank transfers. At the same time, Flyfish takes care of compliance requirements so that your payroll is fully compliant with today’s requirements.

Committed to excellent service and personalisation

With Flyfish, you can get a dedicated IBAN for your business that allows you to make quick payments to wholesalers and suppliers. In fact, the advanced technology and financial experts at Flyfish can also provide much-needed support to help your operations run smoothly. Not to mention, you’ll get a secure infrastructure to handle all types of financial transactions. And with a corporate IBAN for your business, you can take advantage of better security, transparency, and financial control.  

Once you sign up for a dedicated business IBAN, you’ll be able to make local and international transfers without the hurdles of traditional banking services. A common example is that of SEPA and SWIFT, as these types of payments require users to provide a corporate IBAN, BIC code, and name of the beneficiary. Similarly, instant internal transfers also require that you provide the beneficiary’s contact details, such as phone number and email address, and their IBAN.

Unlock highly advanced features from a single platform

There’s much more to the global payment platform than providing a corporate IBAN. In fact, it allows you to manage payments and expenses in a single place, allowing you to save more time. When you can see all your payments in a single place, you don’t have to make the effort of going back and forth between different platforms and providers. And if you’re worried about adjusting features or scaling capabilities so they match your needs, don’t worry.

Flyfish gives you centralised control over corporate debit cards, so you can set limits and restrictions on purchases and types of purchases. Similarly, if you’re running a large operation and can’t do one thing at a time, intelligent automation features let you put things on autopilot. Not to mention, there’s simple expense management that gives you detailed reports on your company’s expenses, allowing you to cut costs where necessary.  

Keep everything secure

Are you worried about your funds and confidential information falling into the wrong hands? Flyfish offers state-of-the-art security measures. The platform is 3D secure and has multi-factor authentication so you have full control over who can access your data. Plus, the multi-option payment system means that you can do both: pay and get paid. Your business will be able to receive funds with ease as you manage payments to employees, affiliates, and suppliers. 

And if you’re issuing corporate expense cards to different departments, you’ll be able to set custom spending rules to track what they’re spending money on. Similarly, you can ensure greater control through the platform itself.

Bottom line

Flyfish is an advanced solution that lets you make payments to both local and international beneficiaries. You can get a corporate IBAN, which makes it much easier to transfer funds without jumping through multiple hoops, as is typically required when you’re using traditional banking systems. Besides giving clients a corporate IBAN, Flyfish also provides corporate payroll services that make it easier to pay employees and staff. You can choose to automate payments and the preferred payment method. For instance, you can choose between paying through bank transfers and topping up the corporate debit card. Similarly, there are advanced security features enabled, which can keep confidential data out of the wrong hands.

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