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Flexible Career Options to Balance Work and Family Life

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There is a common misconception that women don’t want to return to work after having children, however, 98% of women have said they do, but, 85% of mothers leave the full-time workforce within 3 years of having their first child. It can be challenging returning to the same role whilst trying to juggle new responsibilities, especially if your employer isn’t flexible in terms of the hours you can do.  The London School of Osteopathy has identified career options if you are looking for a new venture after becoming a mother, to balance your professional and personal life.


Osteopathy offers a rewarding career with the flexibility of part-time practice and the possibility of setting up a home clinic. It allows new mums to work around their families’ schedules while providing essential healthcare services to their community. Schools such as The London School of Osteopathy offer funding options to further support people wanting to pursue the career.

Venise Dacla, Year 3 FT MOst student from LSO said: “I joined the part time programme because of its flexible nature.  My child is now three years old- so studying on the weekends allowed me time with my child/family and work during the week. Naturally, you have to make your own schedule for your family, work and study – but the flexibility around how you can plan your clinic attendance for instance makes it easier”.

Freelance writing and editing 

With the rise of digital media, freelance writing and editing have become viable options for new mums. These roles can be performed remotely, allowing mothers to manage their own schedules and work from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual assistant 

The demand for virtual assistants has surged as businesses continue to embrace remote work. This role involves administrative support, customer service, and project management, all of which can be done from home, offering flexibility and a steady income stream.

Graphic design 

For the creatives, graphic design provides an excellent opportunity to work on diverse projects remotely. Freelancing or part-time positions in this field allow for a balanced work-life dynamic while leveraging artistic skills.


Many educational institutions and online platforms offer part-time tutoring roles. These positions can be tailored to fit around childcare responsibilities, providing an enriching career path for mothers with a passion for education.


For those with significant experience in their field, consulting can be a flexible and lucrative option. Consultants often set their own hours and work with a variety of clients, making it an excellent choice for maintaining professional engagement while managing family duties.

These career options not only provide the necessary flexibility for new mums but also empower them to continue their professional growth and have a steady income.

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