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Fitness Fanatic: 50% of Brits Looking to Prioritise Fitness in 2024

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The most popular New Year’s resolution for 2024 among UK adults is to exercise more, with half of those surveyed choosing this as their top priority.

Other health and wellness goals came in joint second, with improving general health and losing weight ranking among the top resolutions for the upcoming New Year, both with 43% of participant votes.

Resolutions relating to health seem to be on everyone’s mind for 2024, with the UK recently ranking as the 34th healthiest country in the world, according to a recent study.

The fourth most desired goal is to improve saving habits, as more than a third (38%) of respondents look to find tips and tricks to save those extra pennies. With the expense of Christmas and the ongoing cost of living crisis taking their toll, a third of Brits are also cutting back on festive spending this year.

Comparatively, women were found to be marginally more likely to commit to more personal goals such as improving their well-being (6% more likely), staying organised (4% more likely), and improving their savings habits (7% more likely) than men are.

Finally, the fifth most popular resolution is to learn a new skill in 2024, which is popular among a fifth of UK adults (20%).

The survey results also suggested that men are more likely to learn a new skill (7% more likely) and take up a new sport (4% more likely) than women are.

The data revealed that despite their best efforts, both men and women were most likely to commit to these goals for just a few short weeks at the most, with nearly 3 in 10 (29%) women and more than a third (34%) of men stating this is the duration they felt they could commit to.

Sarah Bolitho, behaviour change specialist, commented on why so many give up their resolutions and how to succeed in reaching your goals:

“There are three key reasons people give up on their goals, despite setting them in the first place. Firstly, they have set a superficial goal but have not thought about the deeper benefits or gains from it.

“Secondly, while the outcome goal has been set, the actual steps to achieve this successfully are not planned out.

“And thirdly, they don’t begin their goals from where they currently are in terms of knowledge or ability; instead, they jump ahead and expect to succeed instantly. You need to focus on the journey rather than the outcome.

“My best advice is not to not set resolutions but instead start by focusing on one small positive change you can make in your daily routine. Simple changes will be gradually absorbed into your life and build the confidence you need to accomplish bigger aims.

Finally, I always advise my clients to start right now, not tomorrow, not next month, or even on the 1st of January. Do so now. If they aren’t ready to start today, then the likelihood is that they don’t really want the goal.”

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