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First Aid Kit Essentials: Items You Should Keep During Lockdown

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread, and different governments started introducing restrictions or even national lockdowns, people panicked. Do you remember the desperate stocking up on food and the long lines to the stores? Not to mention the infamous fights over toilet paper

March was a dark time for all of us indeed; the emergence of a new, unknown virus was especially frightening since nobody knew what we were really dealing with. Moreover, nobody was aware of how long it was going to last.

Now, although COVID-19 is still raging, we are all more prepared for further restrictions and a possible lockdown. This time, we also don’t have to be afraid of shortages in the shops since the first lockdown proved that even grocery shopping could be done online. 

Abandon the idea of stocking up various antibiotics. There’s no need to keep numerous medications in your first aid kit because those might quickly expire. Instead, equip yourself with all the necessary first aid items that can actually benefit yours and your family’s health.

So, what are those first aid items that are necessary during the pandemic? To make sure you equip yourself with all the medical things essential to keep you healthy, here’s a short guide:


One of the earliest coronavirus symptoms is a high fever. Thus, to examine yourself, you will need to have a well functioning thermometer. 

To avoid panic during every temperature taking, look for a device that will give you reliable results. The best infrared thermometers, available to buy here, will be the best choice. If you decide on another type, especially the one that requires any contact, you may consider having one for every household member to limit the possible spread of the disease.


Although there are still many people who have some doubts about it, multiple studies have shown that masks really limit the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, depending on the region, masks are either required or advised to wear in all public places during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, they are also recommended to be used by people living with an infected person – and the sick themselves.

Thus, a mask is a necessity in your first aid kit. These days, there’s a wide choice on the market. You can either buy professional masks with filters, washable cloth masks, disposable masks, or make yourself one from a piece of clothing: a T-shirt, socks, or other materials that you might find in your household.


Although we do not advise buying out the whole drug store, you have to make sure that all your household members will have access to their prescribed medicines. During the lockdown, it might not always be easy to go to a pharmacy or get a prescription from a doctor, so stock up on the medicines that need to be taken regularly.

Moreover, buy the essential medicines for the common cold and other basic ailments, such as cough drops, pain killers, fever drugs, stomach medicines, eye drops, and anything else that might be needed when it comes to everyday health issues. If you’re wearing eye contacts, buy some more and keep them in your first aid kit as well.

Hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers will surely come in handy whenever access to water and soap is limited. Thus, typically, antibacterial products will be needed whenever you leave your house. 

You want to look for hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol, which is the required amount to kill the virus. If you don’t have access to a hand sanitizer, you can make yourself one at home by mixing isopropyl alcohol with, for instance, aloe vera gel. 

Bear in mind that you can also use alcohol to sanitize surfaces such as tables or door handles. However, it’s better not to use it for the screen of your smartphone to avoid damage. Instead, equip yourself with special antibacterial screen cleaners. 

Lastly, please remember that although using alcohol on surfaces keeps your household safe and healthy, the internal usage – that is drinking the liquor – doesn’t affect the virus at all. 

Disposable gloves

Gloves are another item in your first aid kit that will be useful while out and about. Always keep a pair of disposable nitrile gloves with you to make sure you don’t bring the coronavirus home. The only rule here is to get rid of the gloves before coming back home or before using any item that would be taken home, such as a smartphone. To be safe, bring several pairs of disposable nitrile gloves whenever you go out so you have something to change into after taking off the pair you’re using.

Hygiene products

No surprises here; you don’t need anything extraordinary. Buy a few more bottles of soap and make sure you have basic hygiene necessities, such as tampons, in case you might not be able to go out because of the infection.

Keep safe

As you’re now familiar with the first aid items needed to survive the lockdown, the only thing left to do is equip yourself with a positive attitude and patience. It will not be easy, but it’s pointless to worry over things we can’t control. Although it’s undoubtedly a tough time for all of us, now it’s more important than ever to keep supporting each other and embrace solidarity as a community – help others if you’re young and healthy but bear your own safety in mind. So, don’t panic, keep on covering your mouth, wash your hands, and try to protect your mental health. And soon, everything will be OK.

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