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Finding the Most Affordable and Best Psychologist: A Guide to Online Therapy Platforms in Dubai

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People struggle in their personal, professional, social, and academic lives. It can take a toll on mental health and affect overall functioning. Individuals who experience fear, anxiety, and stress must consider consulting a psychologist, as the treatment plan will help manage the symptoms. People may neglect their mental health due to expensive treatment plans. However, there is no need to worry as Fitcy Health provides guidance and treatment from the best psychologist in dubai.

Role of psychologist

The therapist helps individuals struggling with depression, panic attacks, and anxiety deal with the symptoms and have a positive outlook toward life. Moreover, the rapid change in social life decreases productivity leading to self-doubts and related problems. 

Psychologists help individuals struggling with personal, professional, and social problems to work on themselves to have a sense of contentment. Therefore, people who struggle must seek professional help to avoid further complications; that can deteriorate performance and overall health.

Online therapy platforms

People must prioritise their mental health and consult a reliable therapist for guidance regarding treatment plans. The negative association with mental health problems in Dubai affects the individual’s desire to visit the hospitals and clinics. In such instances, it is pertinent to opt for online counselling. Fitcy health is one of the best online therapy platforms in Dubai.

The services of Fitcy Health include:

Guidance from experienced and competent therapists

Most people remain conscious as to whether they are reaching out to experienced, reliable, and competent therapists. Fitcy Health provided the individuals with information regarding the accomplishments and qualifications of all the therapists on their team. It helps the person to opt for the best psychologist without being anxious.

Wide range of packages

People struggling with finances fail to prioritise their mental health and seek help. Fitcy Health has various packages which allow people to find a therapist within their budget. Furthermore, the platform is giving massive discounts, with services including four video sessions, unlimited messaging, dedicated customer care, and lifestyle recommendations.

The packages include: 

  • Gold tier. The package provides individuals to seek guidance regarding effecting treatment options from a therapist experience of more than six years at 135 USD/ per session. The platform is currently providing a discount that enables people to get the services at 104 USD/ per session. The client gets access to a personal therapist/life coach, four video sessions, dedicated customer care, unlimited messaging, and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Silver tier. The package includes sessions with therapists having more than four years of experience at 108 USD/session. However, the online platform is currently giving a huge discount. People can benefit from the package by paying 75 USD/per session. The services include a personal life coach/therapist, four video sessions, dedicated customer care, and unlimited messaging.
  • Blue tier. People get connected to a competent therapist with an experience of more than three years. The services for the clients include four video sessions with their personal therapist/ life coach. The pricing is 80 USD/per session. However, the platform is giving a massive discount; hence, they can currently avail themselves of the services at 49 USD/ per session.

Treatment for a wide range of problems

Along with serious mental health illnesses, such as ADHD, autistic spectrum, panic attacks, depression, and eating disorders. The platforms help people address problems such as divorce, infertility, burnout, lack of communication, etc.

Flexible scheduling

People can set their sessions according to the schedule without being anxious through Fitcy Health.

Reliable platform

Online platforms help individuals connect with competent therapists without facing any scams. The transactions are safe and hassle-free.

Maintains confidentiality

Most people are scared to open up about their feelings due to a lack of trust. Competent therapists help provide a safe space by maintaining confidentiality. It enables individuals to remain at ease while sharing their experiences.

Which online platform is suitable?

The mentioned platforms enable individuals to seek guidance from therapists regarding their mental health problems. However, the platform that provides top-notch facilities at affordable rates is Fitcy Health. Hence, people must consider connecting with licensed, competent, and reliable therapists through Fitcy Health, as they provide discounts on multiple packages and charge monthly, which helps the person stay organised.

Robert Haynes, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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