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Here Are Some Useful Tips on Finding an Effective Online Therapy

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Disasters can strike anyone and anywhere, and the recent pandemic has left most people exposed to stressful times. At such times, we need a designated therapist and counselling for our mental well-being to understand why we’re feeling anxious or stressed and what we can do about those.

It is common to see people accessing counselling services and therapy to deal with their mental health issues such as personality disorders, anxiety, and stress. But online therapy websites are fast getting popular and taking a serious place in the field of psychology.

What is online therapy?

Just a few years ago, the psychologist or counsellor needed to be in the same room with the patient for the scheduled session at a clinic. Thankfully, online therapy has started to make its presence felt and is becoming more and more popular. A team of passionate professionals provides best online therapy to help more and more people lead better and happier lives.

Today, you can ask for a therapy session right from the comforts of your room with just a few clicks and without leaving your home. All you need is a smartphone or a computer, or a device that is connected to the Internet. Soon you would be having a face-to-face counselling session with your psychologist. The session could last an hour or more based on the patient’s needs.

With the COVID-19 pandemic refusing to go, mental health treatment has shifted online in a big way.

The revolutionary side of online therapy

Online therapy is the need of the hour as one can enjoy the counselling services when and where they want. Today, professional therapy has become more accessible, convenient, and very affordable for just about anyone, no matter who they are and what kind of life’s challenges they face.

Here are some aspects that make remote therapy services truly unique and advantageous.

  • Greater comfort and convenience. A counselling session is most effective if the patient or individual feels more at ease in their environment. In the case of online therapy, this is a significant benefit! The patient attends the therapy sessions online at times and places most convenient and comfortable for them.
  • Enhanced privacy, confidentiality, and security. With online therapy websites, you enjoy greater security and privacy as you are not commuting to the counsellor’s office. You can take the session at your home and at a place where you feel most secure and safe and in complete anonymity. As all the conversations and related data between the patient and his professional remain secure and safe because of advanced encryption, the confidentiality of each service is assured.
  • Supporting rural or remote populations. Another great benefit of online therapy is it is a wonderful option for those patients living in rural areas and those in remote locations with limited access to counselling. Online therapy offers easier and faster access to mental health treatment for such locations. However, there should be reliable internet access to hold the online therapy across long distances.
  • Helping people with physical limitations. Many individuals are housebound due to illness or suffer a disability but need therapy sessions. Online counselling sites can accommodate the needs of such individuals and provide them with easily accessible mental health care wherever they are.
  • Lower costs and higher affordability. When carrying out online therapy, one need not spend on expenses like transportation and fuel. Moreover, the therapists also do not have to bear overhead costs like renting an office and other equipment. As a result, the final costs turn out to be much lower than compared to the traditional counselling services.
  • Greater resourcefulness. Online therapy websites prove to be clinically efficacious for patients who typically shy away from being open when communicating face to face. Online therapy benefits mental health professionals as well as they can enjoy the flexibility of practising their profession and maintain a better work-life balance. With the arrival of new advanced technologies, online service providers can facilitate better services for their patients.

Best online therapies for 2021

As online therapy becomes more popular and accessible, one finds a sharp rise in the number of online counselling platforms. People from all strata of society and demographics look for psychological assistance at these online therapy platforms. However, not all online therapies are the best fit for some based on their individual needs, personality, and financial constraints. Thus, it can be a daunting task to choose the right service for you, with so many service providers and claiming to be better than others. 

Here are some top picks from the most professional online counselling platforms that accept most insurance plans, are reasonably priced, and address a wide range of mental health issues.

  • Betterhelp. It is an easy-to-navigate best online therapy website that enjoys a higher overall satisfaction rating and offers multiple communication methods such as chat, audio, video, and unlimited messaging. All therapists are licensed and have their bios displayed on the website.
  • Amwell. The telehealth site is a network of more than 350 licensed professionals who offer online therapy at affordable rates. Get appointments with licensed therapists as per your schedule and even during nights and weekends. Amwell provides therapy does not provide telehealth services via text.
  • MDLive. MDLive online therapy platform provides both therapy sessions and medical visits. It is a lot easier to check and receive the kind of help you need and understand pricing information as it clearly cites the rules regarding cancellations and refunds. MDLive provides therapy services via phone and video but not text.
  • Circles. What is special about Circles is that it focuses on group therapy and is affordably priced. Licensed therapists or certified coaches provide specific therapies based on groups and thus enjoy an overall customer satisfaction rating. Customers can engage in unlimited messaging with their therapist through the app.
  • Talkspace. Another top platform for best online therapy is Talkspace, and this is perfect for someone who wants to communicate with their therapist frequently. Users get additional support through group chat forums and discussing shared experiences. The good news is that one can choose from different subscriptions options, and medication management services are available.
  • Doctor on Demand. Doctor on Demand finds a place in the list of top online therapy websites because of its excellent services. One can easily access experiences psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists without a subscription and at the lowest cost option. The therapy services are available only via video but not text or phone.
  • ReThink My Therapy. ReThink My Therapy enjoys an overall high customer satisfaction as it offers the best value for money services. One can browse for individual, group, and family sessions, and customers rate them to be very good or excellent. The best part is that the online therapy platform is very affordable, offers a seven-day free trial that allows users to get to know the services and feel comfortable before committing to a therapist.
  • Cerebral. Cerebral is another great choice for therapy and is among the most affordable options. Every Cerebral plan includes medication management along with therapy and thus offers good value for money services. The therapists’ bios are listed on the website, and customers are very satisfied with the overall services they received through Cerebral.
  • Online-Therapy.com. This online therapy system is based on cognitive behavioural therapy, which is the most prevalent and widely used psychotherapeutic approach for treating mental health issues. Take advantage of the live therapy sessions available in video, audio, and text formats and the thorough information provided. You can remain anonymous to your therapist if you want.
  • Wellnite. Wellnite is known for offering the treatment of anxiety and depression and with affordable options. The online therapy platform will connect you to a board-certified physician who will develop a treatment plan for your mental health issues. Both therapy and medication are involved in the treatment plan.

Before you go ahead and subscribe to any online therapy session, it is essential to make some useful comparisons. The key areas to focus on are if they accept insurance, the price, are rated excellent, and provide flexible therapy modalities. As different people have different needs, they may seek these sessions online for anxiety, depression, stress management, sleep issues, relationship problems, and more.

Needless to say, online therapy is much needed and useful as it is very convenient and easily accessible. One can communicate with their therapist daily, and at odd hours and at affordable rates. There are several online therapies available outside the US, and those looking for help can browse for a convenient and affordable option in their country. There are hundreds of websites that help customers to find a therapist anywhere in the world. 


Nothing can compare to the ease and convenience of having an online theory session in the privacy of your home. Online counselling sites remove many barriers for some who cannot access traditional face-to-face mental health care for several reasons. As digital counselling interventions are proving to be effective, it is a welcoming sign and can be expanded to serve wider populations who need more intensive therapy. Now one can access affordable online counselling anytime and anywhere as per their convenience and preferences.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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