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Here’s How You Can Find Out What Type of Creative Is Hidden Inside of You

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Creativity is often perceived to be something only those working in the creative sector possess.

However, no matter the industry we work in, psychological research suggests our perceptions are misguided, and in fact, we are all intrinsically creative.

But, with many of us across the world left feeling deflated, uninspired, and lacking motivation due to the global coronavirus pandemic, creativity is the last thing on our minds.

Innovation marketing agency ThinkOTB has, however, devised a way to challenge people to reconnect with their inner creative, highlighting that understanding our own and others’ creative preferences leads to success.

Through the online questionnaire ‘What type of creative are you?’, ThinkOTB looks at how people’s perception of things and the things they find interesting influences creativity inside and outside of the workplace.

Participants are invited to answer 24 questions related to interests outside of work and how others view their creative flare.

Based on their answers, they will then be categorised into one of the five creative types featured in Tina Catling and Mark Davies’ popular book ‘Think!’.

These are the Imaginator, the Performer, the Visualist, the Inquisitor, and the Adventurer.

Dave Easton, creative director at ThinkOTB said: ‘As humans, we are all unique, and that means so are our thoughts. We all think differently and that is because we are influenced by our own perspectives, beliefs, and the environment we’ve been exposed to.

‘Everyone is intrinsically creative, but the way we create, and problem solve differs from person to person – this is known as cognitive diversity, and it should be valued in every workplace.

‘Why? it helps generate better ideas, improved ways of working, and it results in more decisiveness meaning you get to those winning ideas much faster.’

ThinkOTB is a Queens Award-winning innovation marketing agency based in Leeds with over 30 years’ experience supporting blue-chip clients and SMEs across the globe with their organisational growth in an innovative and creative way.

As a team of eclectic creatives, they amplify the effectiveness of both innovation and marketing, looking at issues from both perspectives to accelerate the impact of consumer-centric innovation and measurably improve the influence of businesses marketing.

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