Films for Justice: A Free Four-Day Training Course

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A free four-day training course for filmmakers passionate about social justice, who want to use their work to drive change, through social media and viral campaign videos.

Work with leading campaigners and social justice film-makers to develop your skills and make films for the campaigning sector. Apply by downloading and completing the forms below.

This course is designed to give emerging filmmakers the skills needed to plan, film and edit a shareable social media campaign video. It will also give you business advice and the chance to build your network to help you develop a career making videos to promote social justice and progressive causes.

The training is designed to support people from backgrounds that are under-represented in the film-making sector, including women, people of colour, refugees and migrants, working class people, LGBT people and disabled people.

Applications for this training close at 4pm Friday 24th March.

Download the participant description and application forms below. Complete the application questions and equalities monitoring form and return to or print and send by post to

Kahra Wayland-Larty
Global Justice Now
66 Offley Road

Films for Justice

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