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Call for Submissions: Fifth Public Engagement & Performance Conference

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Our aim is to once again bring together researchers from across the arts, humanities and social sciences to support, develop and to foster greater awareness, expertise, and understanding about engaging the public through research [re]presentations that are ethically sensitive, socially relevant, creative, artistic and imaginative.

It’s also a gathering where we discuss and consider the theoretical, methodological and ethical practices and challenges associated with creating research that is accessible, provocative, asks questions, and can be interesting, thought-provoking, enlightening and enjoyable.

The workshops and presentations at this interdisciplinary conference provide a supportive forum to share, discuss and learn about different approaches to performing, presenting and evaluating research along with the practical and technical issues that underpin such approaches.

Who attends

Previous conferences have drawn delegates from anthropology, sociology, sport and exercise science, clinical trials research, counselling and psychotherapy, dance, drama, education, health and social change, nursing, medicine, business management and marketing, and from the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Canada and South America. 

How to join

  • Share a paper or conference presentation
  • Deliver or take part in a workshop
  • Present your film, installation, or performance to the public
  • Watch, listen, engage; there is no requirement to present/perform
  • What delegates said about previous conferences

What delegates said about previous conferences


For questions or queries please contact the administration team: info@engageyork2015.org.uk

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