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6 Ways to Successfully Feng Shui Your Home During the Halloween

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Halloween is a fun-filled autumnal event and, at times, can be scary. One key thing to remember about Halloween is its energy into your home, which Halloween decorations can dramatically influence.

To help make it easier to understand how your spooky decorations can affect the energy of your home, we have enlisted the feng shui expertise of Vicky Sweetlove, a feng shui consultant at feng shui life.

But first things first, what is feng shui? Feng shui is a philosophy of arranging the pieces in living spaces to balance the natural world. The main goal of feng shui is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment.

Never place a mirror opposite your bed as it encourages insomnia and more

Many feng shui experts have shared that a mirror facing your bed can bring you nightmares. They say that when we sleep at night, our soul leaves the body. When the soul sees its reflection, it is shocking, so you have bad dreams and nightmares. Along with this, when your soul leaves its body, it can mistake the image in the mirror as the ‘real body’, meaning it is soul-stealing.

In addition, feng shui experts believe that placing a mirror in front of your bed can create insomnia, as it depletes your energy which can create sleepless nights. A mirror doubles and bounces the point in a room to disrupt the tranquillity needed in a bedroom for good night sleep. Feng shui expert Vicky Sweetlove also said: ‘When a mirror is placed in front of the bed, it mirrors everyone in the bed, and then it is symbolic of a third party being in the relationship.’

Refrain from placing black-themed Halloween decorations in your hallway, dining room, and kitchen

The feng shui connotations around the colour black bring in the energy of mystery, power, and protection, which should be used in moderation. This is because black isn’t considered a colour and is the absence of light. Large amounts of the colour black in your home can be oppressive and bring in heavy energy.

Vicky confirmed: ‘Black represents the element of water, and this could be overwhelming and a feeling of drowning and depression when entering your home. It would also not feel nurturing in the kitchen and dining room as these rooms are associated with food, mother earth and nourishment.’

Burn orange candles to create soothing energy in your home

Candles can bring in the energy of purification and protection, and they can also bring in the element of inspiration. As candles burn, they can help relax us and slowly burn up stress, giving us soothing energy.

Orange candles are very fitting to your Halloween theme and can accentuate the fire energy. The best places to put orange candles to enhance the energy in your home is in the south, southwest, northwest and centre of the room. Vicky said: ‘When you are burning orange candles, it brings in the feeling of warmth connecting to the sacral chakra and your relationships with your home and family.’

Focus your decorating efforts on your front door to give off positive energy to guests 

When decorating your home, focus on the front door of your home. It is where energy enters your house and where guests immediately feel the energy in your home. Consider a welcoming Halloween decoration such as a doormat. But ensure all ‘scary things’ like skeletons and bats are facing away from your home.

Vicky explained: ‘The front door represents what people first see and their first impression of your home and you. It is always best to have a clear entrance and pathway to the home. If decorating for guests, make it bright and pleasantly lit so that people can see the entrance clearly and make it vibrant and happy with the intention of having a fun and happy time.’

Only ever place bat and other animal-themed decorations in your window, looking outwards

When decorating your windows with Halloween decorations, animal symbols like bats and owls are positive animal symbols in feng shui. But you must make sure to have them looking outwards to minimise dark yin energy. Vicky said: ‘It is an ancient tradition to have animals of the night such as bats and owls hanging outside of the house rather than inside as they have negative energies associated with them.’

Clear out your clutter as soon as Halloween is over

The items you have stored under your bed can affect you while you’re asleep in a passive ‘yin’ state. The items underneath your bed may represent or create subconscious blocks in your life. For example, letters or cards from your ex-partner may keep you stuck in your current relationship status. Luggage might keep you on the go, and home can never quite feel like ‘home’. Shoes can leave you feeling restless as your subconscious is continuously moving.

Vicky explained: ‘At the end of Halloween, it’s about giving thanks for our ancestors and where we come from and then clearing out like nature dropping its leaves clearing the debris and the ashes, to be prepared for the coming year. We need to clear all that is no longer of use to us and bring in the new thoughts, creations and make space for the new to come into your life.’

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