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Feminist Methodologies: 2-Day Symposium, Loughborough University

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20–21 March 2018, Loughborough University

Feminist Methodologies introduces current innovative feminist methodological work from across the arts, humanities, and the social sciences. Six speakers from different disciplines and methodological approaches will present their work in a mixture of workshops and research seminars. They will showcase and discuss new research methodologies emerging from feminist scholarship, including ethnography and self-reflexive feminism; memory work; affect and motion, intersectionality, and vulnerable writing. These will be useful to a range of feminist approaches to research, with applicability across different disciplines.


  • Dr Karen Lumsden (Sociology, Loughborough University) – Reflexivity and feminism in social research: its legacy and its current role in the context of fast academia and the managerial university
  • Dr Line Nyhagen (Sociology, Loughborough University)  – Embedding memory/work experiences in your research and/or teaching practice
  • Dr Tiffany Page (Sociology, University of Cambridge) – Vulnerable research and writing as feminist methods
  • Professor Hilary Robinson (Art History, Loughborough University) – The anthology as feminist space: practice, theory, and academic politics
  • Dr Karen Schaller (English, University of East Anglia) – Contact work: Affect and feminist pedagogy in the literature
  • Professor Shirley Tate (Sociology, Leeds Beckett University) – What makes research Black, feminist and decolonial?

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