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Finding Felicity Through Betting

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What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word ‘gambling’? Luxurious leisure for wealthy people, sophisticated ambiance, and lavish lifestyle. There are a lot of damaging notions against gambling and the most common negative impressions are:

  • Depression
  • Broken relationships
  • Bankruptcy
  • Stealing and Fraud
  • Unemployment
  • Alcohol and other substance abuse
  • Wasted life

These are some of the misconceptions that people think about wagering, and it became a stigma. Even if there are a lot of antagonistic beliefs about it, still many people gamble and are surprisingly happy. There are many online casinos that we can find on the internet, and it can be very difficult to decide which is which. Some online gambling sites like Diverjoe from Australia introduce new online casinos with more benefits, so gamers can have more fun while enjoying the perks offered. 

Good effects of gambling towards overall being

Gambling has been part of our innate nature as humans since a long time ago. Sad to say, even the lives of people accused of committing a crime were based on bets. People bet on almost everything unpredictable until at present. 


More people agreed that through gambling, they were able to feel happy, invigorated, and focused on their daily lives. Whether they win or lose, they felt fulfilled most especially if they win. For some reason, it makes them complete, and their day is fulfilled after wagering. 

Psychiatrists say it has something to do with the effect of being sociable of an individual. In the orient, before the covid-19 pandemic hit, people love to gather and play mahjong. Mahjong is a tile-based game that is physically similar to domino tiles but with Chinese engravings. This is commonly played by 4 people with 144 tiles. Most people in Asia are familiar with this game, and they talked about trivial matters while playing this game. Housewives play mahjong while drinking tea and talk about their family and other people’s lives. Men with their cigars and they talk about business and other matters. These people usually felt contented and in excellent health.


Other people declared that they became more focused and were able to concentrate better on their work after wagering.

There was this adrenalin rush that they feel before, during, and after wagering which they still apply to their daily tasks. This is one of the main reasons why many people were about to face a challenging situation such as getting ready for a presentation or a company meeting. People who are waiting for a flight at the airport and/or at the train station prefer the web-based online casino because they just have to make a deposit and start playing. Playing casino games online helps them relax and to be at their focal point. Others even declared that they were able to come up with a logical solution to a problem while betting.


One of the best benefits is that people who gamble not just gain the alertness of the mind but also learn a new skill. Gambling is not just throwing dice or randomly picking a card. It also requires conceptualising and careful analysis. Professional Football player Cristiano Ronaldo is a poker enthusiast, and he admitted that playing poker helped him a lot in playing football. It helped him sharpen his mind and be more critical in thinking, decisions, and moves.


To be carefree and relax is the main goal for most of us. Such as the case of the senior citizens. They play bingo to have fun and to release their stress. Moreover, it is also good for their listening and memory retention to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. IT is beneficial for their cognitive memory because playing Bingo requires remembering the numbers and information. It also helps them sharpen their mind and mingling with others is essential for their well-being.

Final insight

In life, everything that is in excess can also be harmful. Too much eating can lead to obesity, too many alcoholic beverages also harm one’s health. Gambling to this extent can lead to gambling addiction. If you’re going to look at it – eating, wagering, and even drinking liquor has benefits. Being responsible for our actions and self-control has to be observed.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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