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Fegans Switches Digital to Support Parents in Pandemic

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Fegans has taken steps to ensure it continues to support children and families during the Covid pandemic. The charity which provides professional children’s counselling and parenting support services (across London, the South East, and Oxford) is moving its therapeutic and parenting expertise online via a range of digital channels.

Until further notice, Fegans has ceased centre and schools-based counselling for all but the most vulnerable children where it would be deemed unsafe for therapy to end abruptly. In its place, remote counselling will be available for teenagers from 20th April using video conferencing. Video conferencing will also be used to deliver Fegans’ parent support sessions.

Meanwhile, Fegans parent support workers will also be answering questions and offering advice on the DAD.info forum which is owned and run by the charity. The forum, which is free to join, is used by almost 40,000 parents and carers across the UK.

Buttons Preschool based in Thanet, Kent which is run by Fegans will be closed (to all but the most vulnerable families) but Buttons staff will be broadcasting remote play and story-time sessions via the Fegans digital family hub. The Buttons Daily Challenge will guide children through fun tasks to do at home, such as decorating a biscuit, and families will be encouraged to share their results on social media.

The digital family hub will also serve as a hive of parenting and mental health advice and parents can sign up to the free “Parenting in a Pandemic” newsletter to receive regular email updates.

Fegans’ therapists, parent support workers and early help practitioners will be publishing articles and tips on issues such as depression in isolation, child-led play opportunities, and the importance of routine.

The hub kicked off this week with an article from Fegans Parenting Support Lead Nicola Baldwin about how to talk to your children about coronavirus which is accompanied by an animation and a downloadable timetable template for parents to fill in with their children.

‘Uncertainty unsettles children. Consistency and structure are calming during times of stress. You need to keep up regular mealtimes and bedtimes to keep your children happy and healthy. Take time as a family to plan a schedule and include study and playtime. Add family activities to your routine, such as family games or cooking new foods. Take a daily family walk or bike ride, avoiding contact with others. Burn off energy and make sure everyone stays active,’ says Nicola.

Fegans CEO Ian Soars said: “We realised very quickly when school closures were suggested that thousands of families would very suddenly find themselves without access to our vital support services at a time when they feel the most vulnerable and afraid.

“With the right technology and platforms, and the willingness of our staff and volunteers, we have been able to transform our service model so families can still access our expertise in many different ways. Please visit our website or get in touch to find out how we can help. We are still here for you.”

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