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Fegans Launches Free Online Parenting Course

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In an effort to reach more families in need, the charity Fegans has now made its expertise freely available through a unique online parenting course. Delivered through a series of short videos tailored to the age of the child, the Parent Coach Discovery Course is packed with practical parenting tips and insights. Common issues explored include why children misbehave and when to ignore it, how to deal with a withdrawn or aggressive teen and setting age-relevant boundaries.

Every week Fegans provides professional counselling for hundreds of children, and coaches parents in need of emotional support and practical techniques to parent with confidence.

‘Our services have never been in greater demand,’ explains Fegans CEO Ian Soars. ‘Parents juggling busy lives with badly behaved children and teens can often feel overwhelmed. Additional challenges such as the breakdown of family life and the onset of social media issues mean that our parent support workers are often called out to help parents at the end of their tether. We decided that the most effective way to share our parenting insight with as many families as possible was to deliver it digitally – and make it completely free.’

Parents sign up to the course online by answering a couple of questions to ensure that the parenting tips are tailored appropriately. The videos and tips are then emailed out as links so that the parents can access the course at their own pace, and in a time and place that suits their schedules.

Fegans’ professional services are commissioned by the NHS, schools and social services and all of its parenting practice uses evidence-based outcomes. ‘We are pretty confident we can help every family to make positive improvements and get closer to feeling that joy of parenting we all strive for,’ adds Ian.

Click here to access the free Parent Coach Discovery Course. 

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