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Is Fashion a Form of Self-Expression or Is It Simply Just a Form Escapism?

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There is a statement outfit to get ready and flex for the glam. But it takes dedication to be ready for the action at work. Ruffle up, style your hair to walk the vogue. The desire to look beautiful should not cause embarrassment when looking undressed or normal. Dressing up ensembles the confidence and style with a penchant for power to radiate glamour. Regular purchasing for the wardrobe is like mastering the art of fashion. Here is my most passionate thought about fashion.

As dashing as fashion

I would like to execute the photoshoots to showcase my latest purchases, including the turtleneck tops to panelled skirts and obsessed with various DIYs. For me to get ready for 100% organic videos, I just use my phone or a mirror for a picture and a video and create more content for my fashion world. If I stick to my head and forget to have all the fashion fun, I won’t be creative.

Fashion as splendour

Many people love to get ready for the TikTok videos. For this, many youngsters would practice every day as a daily routine and learn to use various branded products for effective results, like eyebrow pencils for contouring, eye shadows blending to look good. All this casual luxury influence, tailored with great fabrics and colours compliment me and I have an interesting silhouette or an expensive taste for the interest in fashion.

My closet would look special

Exquisite designs, custom-made clothes are what most people often shop for at the stores. And sometimes they may still need help from personal shoppers to get the same exclusivity from different countries where it’s available.

The most special item in the wardrobe

A simple handmade, double-sided winter cashmere coat made with love by my mother gives me a day opening look with beautiful warm accents of little burgundy flowers. I can always count on its warmth, timeless style, and could even wear it when I am in my 60s or 70s. For many years, I even half enjoyed Netflix’s copycat show, Next in Fashion, although this isn’t my fashion show foray. 

Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nyka – a monument to fashion

The commercial shopping sites are the content-to-commerce applications, even though these are struggling to sell fashion from distinct to basics. All this is a monument to sadness. These platforms are really streaming fashion like salvos and winning the glitzy glam with an attempt to use all the categories of fashion. So why not choose?

Fashion – looking back from the future

The trends blend into the physical world virtually, which posits a future with the digital imagery into the real world, as we want to be seen wearing the clothing. A pie in the sky? Well, in this brave new world, we will now be able to download the content to our clothing with the human models scanned 3D to the precise measurements directly into the digital avatars and the clothes will function as a new interface. 

Fashion is a choice, which reminds me of a quote from Harry Winston: ‘People will stare. Make it worth their while.’

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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