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15 Fashion Brands You’re Probably Spelling Wrong

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It must be unique and globally recognisable. Yet, even some of the most renowned fashion brands can be difficult to pronounce, and spelling them is an entirely different challenge. To explore this, JOOR used the online analytics tool Ahrefs to identify the most misspelled global fashion brand names.

Top 15 most misspelled fashion brands online:

  1. Adidas – Common misspellings: Addidas, Addias (556,000 times per month)
  2. Chanel – Common misspellings: Channel, Chanell (408,700 times per month)
  3. Swarovski – Common misspellings: Swaroski, Swarvoski (85,300 times per month)
  4. Louis Vuitton – Common misspellings: Louis vitton, Luis vuitton (78,700 times per month)
  5. Versace – Common misspellings: Versache, Versage (64,500 times per month)
  6. Jacquemus – Common misspellings: Jaquemus, Jacquemis (42,350 times per month)
  7. Asics – Common misspellings: Ascis, Ascics (37,400 times per month)
  8. Christian Dior – Common misspellings: Cristian dior, Christan dior (30,300 times per month)
  9. Moncler – Common misspellings: Monclair, Monclear, Monclare (25,500 times per month)
  10. Bottega Veneta – Common misspellings: Botega, Botegga, Bottega venetta (25,100 times per month)
  11. Tommy Hilfiger – Common misspellings: Tommy hillfiger, Tommy hilfinger, Tommy hillfigure (23,400 times per month)
  12. Lacoste – Common misspellings: La coste, Locaste (19,400 times per month)
  13. Tag Heuer – Common misspellings: Tag huer, tag heur (17,500 times per month)
  14. Vivienne Westwood – Common misspellings: Vivian Westwood, Vivien westwood (16,600 times per month)
  15. Dolce and Gabbana – Common misspelling: Dolce gabana (16,000 times per month)

German sports brand Adidas tops the list as the most misspelled fashion brand on the internet, with an average of 556,000 online misspellings per month. Despite being Europe’s largest sportswear brand, many struggle with its spelling; common search variations for Adidas include “Addidas” (487,000 monthly searches) and “Addias” (48,000 monthly searches).

In second place is the luxury French brand Chanel, which averages 408,700 inaccurate online searches a month. JOOR found that searches for Chanel often result in misspellings like “Channel” (402,000 monthly searches) and “Chanell” (6,700 monthly searches).

Swarovski takes the third position with an average of 85,300 monthly spelling mistakes. The Austrian jewellery giant is frequently misspelled as “Swaroski” (61,000 monthly searches) and “Swarvoski” (16,000 monthly searches).

Other notable brands in the study include Moschino (14,150 misspelled monthly searches), Calvin Klein (11,800), and Cartier (11,000).

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