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10 Facial Exercises to Try for Invigorating Skin

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You can tone your body with exercises. You can relieve stress with exercise. But, can you freshen up and invigorate your skin with it? Absolutely yes! 

Previously considered impossible, facial exercises are helping many people renew their skin today. These simple methods relax your facial muscles and tighten your skin. Experiments also found they can make your cheeks and lips appear fuller. 

So, if you want to invigorate your skin, try these 10 best facial exercises today. But before we dive in, keep in mind that these exercises may not be very effective at getting rid of a double chin, which is a very common concern among people looking for facial exercises.

If you have a lot of fat around your chin, try this instead:

Blow up

This exercise is exactly what it seems like. You need to blow up your face by sucking in the air.

Keep on filling in the air until your cheeks are full and puffed. Then, release the air slowly and repeat the process. 

The fish face

Remember when we used to create fish faces as children? That’s what you have to do for this exercise.

Begin by sucking in your cheeks. Then, purse your lips while hollow spaces form in the cheeks. Hold for a few seconds before releasing.

While this is the basic method, you can do an advanced version by adding one more step. After you’ve pursed the lips, smile as wide as you can. 

Make sure that other parts of your face aren’t tight and unrelaxed. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and then repeat the process. It’s best to do this exercise at least four times a day. 

Kiss face

People who find sucking in their cheeks and holding it for some time difficult should try this exercise. Although it is very similar to a fish face, it doesn’t involve the sucking in part. You can easily do it numerous times.

Start by pouting the lips as if you’re going to kiss. Then, hold the position and smile as wide as possible.

Keep pouting your lips like you are going to kiss someone as you smile. You have to keep on doing this for around 10 seconds before releasing and repeat it a minimum of four times a day. 


Here comes more smiling!

This particular facial exercise requires you to smile hard. Give your best grin with the teeth visible. Then, place one finger between your lips and nose. 

Now, raise the facial muscles while pressing down. You should feel slight resistance in the lower face portion. However, make sure all your movements are gentle and slow. Doing it quickly and harshly can pull your muscles. Your face might even feel sore and stretched. So, be very careful as you repeat the exercise a few more times. 

Bend and snap

Bend and snap involves your complete face and neck, so you can work out a lot of things at once. 

In this method, bend the head backwards first. Crane, your neck to make sure your chin is in the direction of the ceiling. Now, move your tongue and press it to the mouth’s roof. 

Gradually, smile and swallow. Release the position immediately afterwards and repeat the steps. 


If you’ve already practised the simple exercise above, try the Whistler. It’s a complex and time-taking exercise with two different parts.

First, you begin by making a face as if you’re about to whistle. Your lips should form a good ‘O’. Then, stretch your lips into a smile without ruining the O. You will feel tension developing in your lip muscles. Hold this position for 7–10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat the entire first part three times. 

Once done, move on to the second part. Make an O again and smile as wide as possible. Now, pump the cheeks in up and down directions. Do this around 12 times and then relax. It’s recommended to perform the Whistler (both parts together) four times a day. 


What happens when we get surprised? Our eyes widen and our mouths open to gasp air, right? Well, that’s what we do for this exercise. Start by widening your eyes as much as possible. But, keep the rest of the face – including the forehead, eyebrows, and mouth – relaxed and calm. 

Make sure you hold this expression until your eyes become watery. It indicates you’ve worked them out sufficiently. You can then gently release the stretch and repeat. 


This exercise is called ghostly for a reason. You’ll have to create a typical expression that a ghost might make.

Form an O shape with your mouth. Then, curl the lips inward so that they’re wrapped around the teeth. Make sure to be gentle and do not press the lips against your teeth. Next, drop the jaw and stretch it as much as possible. Look up to increase tension in the muscles and release after a few seconds.

Silly face

Beginners will find the Silly Face simple and quick. All you must do is relax all your facial muscles and then stick your tongue out. Quite literally.

Keep on stretching out the tongue. Hold for some seconds and then release. It’s best to do this exercise only at your home to avoid making anyone upset.


Zen is more like meditation. You must do nothing except for relaxing your facial muscles. Close your eyes and make your face motionless. 

Also, make sure your mind is focusing on only one thing – and that is breathing slowly and calmly. Do not let it wander anywhere else for fruitful relaxation.

Final thoughts

Facial exercises are great for toning down your skin and improving blood circulation. They also release stress and help you stay calm. So, start practising these simple methods today! We hope you found this post helpful. If so, please share it with others who might benefit from it.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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