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Protect Your Eyes with Computer Glasses

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Our sense of sight is probably the most important of all the senses that we have, it allows us to see the world and its beauty, to appreciate nature and man-made advancements, as well as vital for our mobility, jobs, education and making meaningful connections. Without it, life would be doubly difficult and literally dark, blind people have limited opportunities and mobility, and although the government have ensured that they are given equal rights and protection for their disability, very few blind people actually do become successful.

Any damage to the eye which may not result to blindness is still potentially problematic and will impact the well-being and autonomy of the individual. Hence, it is now a necessity that we find ways to protect our eyes and to keep it in top shape and healthy as long as we can.

Although vitamin A, lutein and beta carotene have been found to keep our eyes healthy and in optimum functioning, these are merely food supplements that may or may not work for some people.

When it comes to vital organs such as the eyes, the best defence is still protecting it against harmful substances and harsh environments. One of the newest discoveries that aims to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays is the computer glasses

What are computer glasses? 

Computer glasses are non-prescription glasses which are precisely designed to protect the eye from harmful UV lights and from blue light that are present in computer screens and other gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Most working adults spend their work days staring into a computer screen and this can cause headaches and eye strain. Doing this without end is bound to result to illnesses of the eyes which may lead to more health issues.

Besides, even after staring into a computer screen the whole day, the average adult would still be staring into their phones and tablets when they go home after work. The harmful effects of blue light are not always evident, sometimes you can just have headaches or migraines at the end of the day or at times you feel your eyes are strained and you have difficulty focusing or when your vision appears to be clouded or blurred.

With prolonged exposure to UV rays and blue light, a person may end up developing eye conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Computer glasses have been developed with special lenses that protect the eyes from blue light and allows the individual to continue working on a computer screen. 

Computer glasses with special lenses

With the prevalence of digital and online components of most businesses, most workers spend their time in front of a computer screen rather than on any other equipment, hence, the chances of having eye strains and headaches at the end of the day is very high. There are also plenty of computer glasses in the market, but the best one should have special lenses that has been engineered to reduce blue light exposure by up to 50% but without sacrificing clarity and not having any yellow tint.

With this computer glasses lenses, you get protection and clarity at the same time. It makes looking at excel sheets enjoyable to say the least. Moreover, the lenses have been designed to be smudge free, scratch free and protect your eyes against glare from any other source. This would mean that you would always have excellent vision all throughout the day, with less need for cleaning and wiping and it makes it last very long since it resists damage as well being scratch- and smudge-free. 

Computer glasses for the heavy users 

Prolonged exposure and use of gadgets during the day can be harmful to our eyes, and with computer glasses, we can have that layer of protection that will also help us work better. However, there are also individuals who have to work at night, or those who spend about twenty hours in front of a computer screen like hardcore gamers, imagine the possible ill-effects of blue light that they could have. Thus, a different line of computer glasses have been designed for the heavy users of computers and gadgets.

These special computer glasses are often called amber, owing to the light amber coloured lenses used. These lenses protect against blue light and glare from a brighter and vivid screen since it is more difficult working on a screen during the night time. At the same time, it stimulates the brain into thinking that it is daylight hence improving clarity and efficiency, but making sure that it does not take away from the need to sleep and rest ones senses. These computer glasses are a bit pricier and has limited designs but it does give maximum protection for your eyes. 

How to order computer glasses?

Getting computer glasses is easy as pie, you can get it almost anywhere, and however, making sure that what you get is of the highest quality may take some patience and forethought. You need to first search the internet for the most widely used and the best reviews. It does take time to read all of the reviews but it will give you an idea on the quality and performance of the computer glasses before you purchase it. When you have decided on a certain brand, make sure to visit its online store to check out their best sellers and the reviews from actual users of the computer glasses.

Once you have decided on a company or store, you need to check out their designs, the prices and their promotional offers as this will help you make informed decisions. You also need to check the price range and their existing designs and choose about three pairs and decide on which one to check. Place your order on the shopping cart, pay with your credit card and then wait for it to be delivered right at your doorstep. Say goodbye to the discomfort brought about by the glare from the computer screens or the eye strain and you will find working on the computer easier and with lesser need for taking headache medication or having to get prescription glasses. 

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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