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Experts Reveal What Your Bedside Table Says About You

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With 127 million views on TikTok, the #bedsidetable has become the centre point of “sunday resets” and decluttering ASMR videos that have captured the UK. 

Home decor, storage, and organisation are so personable, and regardless of trends and fads, the choices individuals make in their homes continue to reflect who they are and how they want their homes to be. So, can a person’s bedside table really tell us about their personality?

To delve into the psychology behind the bedside table, experts at Bensons for Beds asked psychologist Dr Becky Spelman what a person’s bedside table can tell us about the bedroom inhabitants.


Does a cluttered room equal a cluttered mind? Apparently so. Dr Spelman says, “A cluttered bedside table may suggest a few things about a person’s personality. It could indicate a tendency towards disorganisation or a busy lifestyle, or it might reflect a creative or sentimental nature if there are lots of meaningful objects close by.


Whereas those who surround their bedside with fewer items reduce their distractions, A minimalistic bedside table may suggest that the individual values simplicity and organisation, and they understand the importance of creating a sense of calm in their personal space. They may appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, indicating that they desire clarity and minimal distractions in their lives.”

Super organised

Finally, for those who have a place for everything on their bedside table, Dr Becky Spelman reveals, “A super organised bedside table suggests that the individual values structure, efficiency, and order. They are likely to take a methodical approach to life, paying attention to details and enjoying a sense of control. They most likely desire a well-organised environment for productivity and peace of mind.”

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of the bedside table, Dr Becky Spelman of Private Therapy Clinic says, “Personal preference will always play a significant role in matters of the home; however, some recommendations include having a lamp for reading, a clock or alarm for convenience, and a glass of water for hydration. 

Keep a book or journal, soothing essential oils, or a small plant on your bedside table to create a sense of calm, and avoid excessive clutter to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Remove anything that could easily fall or cause accidents during the night so that you are not disturbed. The goal is to create a restful environment!”

Rachel Marshall, brand manager at Bensons for Beds, agrees, “The choice of bedside table is usually dependent on the personal aesthetic of the buyer, i.e., colour palette, decor style, and the space available in the room itself. However, the reflection of personality goes beyond just choosing a style of bedside table. How one accessories it, keeps it organised, and makes use of it is very reflective of their personality type. 

For some, a bedside table is used for practical purposes; for others, it’s an ode to their decor only to be looked at. For those looking to purchase a bedside table for practical purposes and who are most likely to have more items within reach, opting for a three-drawer bedside table would be best to maximise storage space. While those who are standing by their simplistic approach would be best choosing a one-drawer bedside table.”

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