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Expert Shares Tips on New ‘Big Comeback’ Workplace Trend, as Figures Rise 2.23%

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With around one in 50 more Brits jumping on the ‘Big Comeback’ workplace trend, Adam Butler, workplace solutions expert and CEO of Officeology, provides the questions you should ask yourself to help you to find out if the grass will be greener: “The rise of UK employees returning to their previous employers could be down to the unprecedented times we have all experienced in the past three years.

“The pandemic caused many uncertain feelings, and the lasting impact this has had could mean Brits are now looking for familiarity to feel a sense of stability in life, starting with their workplace.

“There are some positives to returning to workplaces, both for the employee and the employer. Firstly, the employee will be familiar with the company’s set-up, including the processes and values, making it a smooth transition for both parties. If old colleagues are still there, it reduces the first-day nerves with familiar faces, making it much easier to settle in.”

When considering returning to a former employer, there are a couple of questions to ask yourself.

Why did I leave the company in the first place?

If the answer includes factors such as toxic culture, no progression or unfair pay, I’d advise considering whether returning is the best option for you. If this company had had issues of toxicity, poor pay and lack of career progression when you were first there, it’s probably safe to say they won’t have changed much, and you’ll still have these issues to deal with. Like the saying goes, “a leopard never changes its spots”.

However, if you left the company on good terms and still admire their work and the office culture they promote, you could ask yourself a few other questions to further help with your decision.

What benefits do they offer that I don’t get already?

Making a pros and cons list of your current workplace against your former can help show exactly what each has to offer to determine which suits you best going forward.

Sometimes, when we think the grass will be greener, we are too busy looking at the future instead of focusing on what we have right now. Therefore, this pros and cons list can help you to keep grounded and see what you already have and whether or not returning to your job will be any better.

How will returning to a former employer help me in the long term?

Sometimes the thought of the grass being greener is only a short-term vision, and therefore, it’s best to look at the long-term impact a move like this could have on you. 

Ask yourself what long-term impact returning to your former employer will have on you. Will it be financially rewarding? Is it a step up in your career? Does it give more flexibility meaning a better work-life balance? Make sure to cover every aspect that is important to you personally, and if the majority of the answers go in your favour, then maybe it’s time to make the leap of faith and go back to what you know.

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