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Expert Shares Tips on How to Deal with Embarrassing Moments at Your Office Christmas Party

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As the festive season is in full swing, many Brits will be preparing for their office Christmas parties.

However, many will also be waking up with not only the world’s worst hangover but also feelings of embarrassment over their actions in front of their colleagues.

Workplace solutions expert Adam Butler at Officeology, has shared his advice on how to overcome any feelings of embarrassment when you wake up the next day:

“Christmas parties are a great opportunity to spend time with your colleagues and get to know them more in a workplace setting.

“However, we all know there can be moments where you may feel embarrassed the next day if you’ve had one too many tipples, whether it be your karaoke performance not being quite in tune or you spent too much time slurring your words at your CEO.

“If this does happen to you this year, there are a few steps you can take to help relieve the dreaded feeling of embarrassment, as long as your behaviour wasn’t inappropriate or offensive.

“Firstly, acknowledge that the moment is now in the past; it’s happened, and there is no point dwelling on it too much. Try not to overapologise for what happened, and don’t overanalyse the moment either. This will just keep bringing the conversation back to that topic and make it harder for people to forget about it. Instead, let it blow over. There’ll be other hot topics taking centre stage in the office in no time.

“Secondly, if you need to get it off your chest, speaking to someone about how you are feeling will help to lift any worry off your shoulders. For instance, speaking to another colleague may help you put everything into perspective. You may find that no one even noticed your embarrassing moment or that other gossip from the party is the topic of discussion instead.

“Furthermore, if your embarrassing moment involves someone else, speaking to them to see how they feel and apologising if you think your actions require it can help to smooth out any awkwardness.

“Finally, look on the bright side of life and find humour in the situation. We’ve probably all done something embarrassing in our lives, with work Christmas parties being no exception. You aren’t the first to embarrass yourself, and you won’t be the last, either. As long as no one was hurt, whatever you have done is probably something that has been done countless times before.”

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