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Expert Reveals How to Get the “Hotel Feel” at Home

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There are few pleasures quite as satisfying as slipping into the crisp white sheets of a perfectly made hotel bed. Admittedly, part of the appeal is not having to make it up yourself; however, there is no denying that hotel beds just hit differently.

With this in mind, hotel chain Village Hotels has revealed their exclusive insider secrets to making the hotel feel at home, from pillow-perfect comfort to getting the right mood lighting.

Pile on the pillows; squeeze, shake and smooth

Weekend breaks can be exhausting – so much amazing food to sample, team chants to belt out, and culture to take in – exhausting stuff. So, if you’re looking for hotel-quality sleep, cloud-like, plump pillows are the pièce de résistance.

When it comes to selecting your pillows, loft and high fill power are the keywords here. Loft means they should be firm, but with a high fill power. Look for down- or feather-filled pillows, as they often provide more loft and firmness. When setting up your bed after a night’s sleep, make sure to use the squeeze, shake, and smooth method: squeeze your pillows six times horizontally and vertically, give them a shake, and smooth them over once more. 

Don’t fall flat with your mattress

If you’re looking to invest in a good night’s sleep, then a mattress is famously where you should start – and for a good reason. With so many different types of sleepers coming through the doors, from side sleepers to bed starfishers, hotels select mattresses that cater to all. When looking to get the hotel room feel, it’s worth investing the majority of your budget into a mattress from a good quality brand. At their hotels, they use Sealy Mattresses to give our guests the ultimate comfy night’s sleep. Always use a mattress topper to add that extra layer of cushioning to the bed.

Master your laundry process

To get those crisp hotel sheets, using sheets with a high thread count and long staple cotton is key; this will mean they’ll pile and pull less. After that, it all comes down to how you wash the sheets and make up your bed. Hotels use precise industrial methods, but you can get a similar effect by using a peroxide detergent and treating any stains beforehand with baking soda to maintain whiteness. Always press your sheets after drying to make them as crisp as possible.

When making up the bed, first put on a fitted sheet, then a flat sheet. Pull the flat one all the way to the top of the bed. Following that, put the duvet on top of that but keep it about 5 inches lower than the flat sheet. Take the corners on the ends of the bed and fold in the sides so that the corners are tucked under. Finish with a decorative blanket and pull it all the way over so it covers the flat sheet.

Master your bathroom setup

So, you’ve got the bed mastered, but another key part of the hotel’s feel is the hotel bathroom. We all deserve that bit of TLC, so putting that extra bit of effort into your sensory experience is key. Think fresh scents like cotton or jasmine for your shower gels. At Village hotels, they use ESPA toiletries in our rooms.

Be strategic with your lighting

There’s little that will kill your night of rest and relaxation more than harsh lighting, so curating the right lighting is essential when it comes to creating the hotel feel. To create a warm atmosphere, you’ll need warm lighting, so make sure your bulbs have a colour temperature of around 2500 times. 

You also need to be strategic with your light placements around the room. Most hotel bedrooms will have lights wired on different circuits, so you can switch them off a section at a time. This can be reproduced at home, but as rewiring a room is a big job, it’s often more practical to alter existing lighting with the clever use of lamps and dimmer switches. 

Convenience is king (or queen)

When it comes to switching off on your hotel break, the last thing you want is inconvenience. Though your home may not come with a reception desk or concierge, investing in gadgets or changing the layout of your electronic charging points can keep things seamless and worry-free. Always have a well-organised bedside table with everything within arm’s reach, from your water glass to your charging station and keep your gadgets, like hairdryers, placed in their designated drawers.

A spokesperson from Village Hotels said: “It’s no secret that hotel room sleeps are often that little bit more special, and it all comes down to the finer details. Whether our guests are hitting the hay after a family weekend break, or a make-or-break business meeting, a lot of thought goes into making sure our guests have the perfect space to relax and unwind. From plump pillows to crisp sheets,  it’s the little things that make that stay just a little bit extra, so we wanted to provide some insider insight into how to get your hotel feel at home.”

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