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Expert Hacks for Getting Married at Home as Searches Soar 5,000%

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Over the past 12 months in the UK, online searches for “can you get married in your garden” have soared 5,000% as Brits look for more intimate and cost-effective ways to get married

Innovative interiors brand Ruggable has spoken exclusively to Hitched.co.uk’s leading wedding expert, Zoe Burke, who has shared her top tips for anyone looking to get married in or outside their home. 

Zoe explains: “Planning a wedding at home can be special, and if you want something more relaxed and unstructured, your home could be the perfect setting. It’s a very personal environment and gives you the flexibility you might not have at a venue – you could party later, have more freedom to choose from various suppliers, and have no corkage restrictions.”

The legalities of marrying at home 

Before deciding on getting married at home, there are a few legalities you need to take into consideration. 

According to Zoe, “In England and Wales, your marriage must occur at a licensed venue to be legally recognised. The person holds the licence in other areas, such as Scotland and Northern Ireland. This means that, provided the officiant deemed a suitable location, you could have a legally binding wedding at home in those areas.”

If you live in England or Wales, you could look to get married at your local registry office and then still celebrate with friends and family at home at your wedding reception.

Use home furnishings to create the perfect wedding set-up 

You must be flexible to create a versatile wedding set-up in your home. You need to be able to move things around to create the space you need – remember, you want space to party, but you also need some places to relax and decompress. You need to be able to move things around to create the space you need. Items that are easy to move, like rugs, fairy lights, bunting, plants, and flowers, can be placed in different places to transform different areas of your home.

The main allure of having a wedding at home is having your familiar comforts close by, so think squishy sofas people can sink into and soft rugs to soothe feet that are tired from dancing.

A bar is also a cute idea for home weddings – this could be as simple as filling up a receptacle with ice and stocking it full of drinks, or you can get creative and make your own makeshift bar.

The weather can be a great inspiration for your wedding favours

The UK weather is always an unpredictable factor. Hiring a marquee, tipi, or gazebo is a great option as it provides shelter from all kinds of weather, whether rain or radiant sunshine. 

Depending on the time of year, you can also fill baskets with supplies for your guests – umbrellas and cosy blankets will be appreciated in the colder months, whilst fans and parasols are ideal for warmer times. You can even personalise them to become keepsakes or favours for your guests.

A wedding planner will be your best investment

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest perks of getting married at a dedicated wedding venue is the experience the team there will have and the load they take on.

Many practicalities will fall on you when you’re doing it at home, so you need to ensure you’re OK with that and won’t feel too pressured. Planners and coordinators are a great investment if it’s in your budget to allow you to step back and enjoy being engaged.

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