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Expert Doctor Available for Comment on Various Health-Related Topics with a Focus on Medicinal Cannabis

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Dr Stephen D’Souza was appointed as Releaf’s medical director in March 2023. He has been in the medical industry since 1987 and is an award-winning consultant within interventional radiology, an expanding medical field.

Alongside his work in interventional radiology, D’Souza began to take a significant interest in the benefits of medicinal cannabis and how it can help to reduce cancer patient pain. Joining Releaf has enabled D’Souza to be at the forefront of a medical service that will revolutionise how patients receive medicinal cannabis.

Dr D’Souza is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation from a medical perspective and oversees a team of doctors working at the Releaf e-clinic. He is the main point of contact for clinicians and other medical personnel at Releaf. D’Souza is also the Clinical Safety Officer responsible for overseeing clinical safety, ensuring the risk registry and hazard log are current and in line with medical standards.

Within his role, Dr D’Souza focuses on patient safety, which is especially important as medicinal cannabis becomes more widely recognised and used within the medical industry. This includes raising awareness of how medicinal cannabis can benefit patient health, educating patients on the difference between illicit and legal cannabis and how to help make medicinal cannabis more accessible.

Future plans for Dr D’Souza include overseeing the set-up of Releaf’s in-person clinics, offering face-to-face consultancy and issuing patient prescriptions. D’Souza is also instrumental in growing Releaf’s medical team and he is excited to be a part of a company dedicated to developing research within the medicinal cannabis industry to not only improve medical data but to also continue to educate patients.

With extensive knowledge within the medical industry, Dr D’Souza is available to provide expert comments to the media on a range of medical topics, specifically related to medicinal cannabis.

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