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Exercise Equipment for People in Wheelchairs Outperforms Any Electric Exerciser

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People who are suffering from physical disabilities, neurological issues, or mobility problems should use this exercise equipment. These conditions lead to stress, depression, anxiety, and other issues like that. Exercise is the only factor that can reduce the effects of such diseases and help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It improves the quality of life for those who are in wheelchairs and think that they are not able to do anything. Technology and developers have introduced devices that are very useful in this regard. Exercise is not only important for a normal person; it is even needed for disabled ones. It empowers them and develops a feeling of independence in them. They will be able to move in a society in a better way as they can explore the world. These wheelchair exercisers improve cardiovascular health, boost self-confidence, and enhance mobility in users. Exercise equipment helps the patients by making them psychologically strong.

Here we will discuss the unique equipment, including the Combi Bike Plus and wheelchair exerciser. They assist in recovery, but keep in mind that before using them, consult your therapist. A small injury can cause major issues, so precaution is better than cure.

These exercises assist in recovery, but keep in mind that before using them, consult your therapist. A small injury can cause major issues, so precaution is better than cure. Here is some equipment to use for people using wheelchairs:

Combi Bike Plus

These are customised moving exercise equipment that outperforms the electric exercisers. Easy to use and operate, consists of handles and pedals, rolling balls for easy placement, and a digital metre to record activity. It helps the people suffering from many sclerosis, dementia and other neurological disorders. It enhances the lower limb activity of the people who are on wheelchairs. It costs very low as compared to other wheelchair exercisers and portable as anyone can handle this. It can be operated by therapists and thus used in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and homes.

Pedal exerciser

This developed pedal exerciser can be used by the people suffering from arthritis or knee injuries. It increases the mobility of knee joints and improves cardiovascular health also. Adjustable time, speed and distance that allow users to operate easily. It can also note the burned calories and also how much time you invested in the exercise. It helps with lower limb movements and strengthens your lower body parts.

Neoprene dumbbells

These dumbbells are used for having a strong grip and preventing slippage. When you do exercise, usually your hands get sweaty and lose grip on equipment. So, neoprene dumbbells are perfect for disabled people, using this they have a complete focus on exercise. Dumbbells are basically helpful in recovering upper limb injuries and enhancing muscle strength.

Wheelchair training rollers

These are like treadmills but specialised ones for the people using wheelchairs. It helps them to propel their chairs themselves by increasing their body stamina and strength. It makes them independent to move in the direction they want to without the help of any other person. They can move according to their desires, it also calculates their heart rate, speed, and time. This is very portable, easy to use, fits in a very small place, is easy to access, and gets folded for storage.

Wheelchair gloves

Wheelchair gripping gloves are used to avoid sweating and have a strong grip on mobility equipment. They provide assistance during physical rehabilitation and do not keep moisture during exercises. They are made up of specialised fabric with small holes inside for air passage. You can buy a pair but if you don’t want to just get one and use it interchangeably in the right and left hand.


Bands made up of latex or rubber are used for routine exercises that develop muscle strength slowly with the passage of time. They have different colour codes depending upon the resistance they offer. These bands are cheap, easy to use and reliable to carry anywhere you want like hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Wheelchair fitness system

It consists of a comprehensive system that contains all the essential components. mainly used for wheelchair users to work out. It is a complete package of clinical physiotherapy systems that you can also use at home. It makes you feel like you are doing gym exercises while sitting in a wheelchair. Making such equipment the developer helps the disabled in such a great way. They are no longer disable to use exercise equipment, do their routine practices, and enjoy their life solitarily.

Wheelchair workout kits, pulley system exerciser, wheelchair fitness machine, chair cycle, strap stand, height tables and rickshaw exerciser. These are also used by disabled people as exercise equipment but Combi Bike Plus is better. It is easy to access, portable, reliable, and cheaper than others. Physical disability can never harm a person if he fights with his willpower and remains strong emotionally.

David Radar, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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