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Exergen Corporation Publishes Fever Guide

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As we approach flu season, Exergen Corporation, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical and industrial applications, today published a fever guide. Called ‘Everything you want to know about fever’, this free ebook helps both medical professionals and the general public easily identify the differences between a cold, seasonal flu and COVID-19. The availability of the guide also comes at a time when students are returning to schools and colleges, and businesses across the nation are welcoming staff back to their place of work. Therefore, being able to accurately distinguish between a cold, flu COVID-19 is of paramount importance at a time when both education and the economy are being kick-started after several stagnant months.

‘Fever is a very important early warning signal,’ says Joaquin Azpilicueta, Exergen’s Director of Sales in Europe, Africa and Latin America. ‘Being able to measure the core body temperature of a patient is crucial for both doctors, nurses and at-home users. But what exactly is the core body temperature? And why are the infrared “guns” we see a lot on television these days not able to generate an accurate temperature measurement? Now that large parts of the world are entering the flu season while they are still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to understand fever, how to measure fever and also what the differences between the flu and having a cold are. We created this free guide to make it easier to understand those important differences.’

Based on information from the John Hopkins University and other trusted source specialists from Exergen Corporation, the Fever Guide details the differences between a cold, flu and COVID-19, making the eBook an invaluable source of information thanks to its comprehensive information.

Headquartered in Watertown (Massachusetts, US) Exergen Corporation is a leading supplier of infrared temperature measurement technologies for both industrial and medical applications. The company delivers non-invasive infrared temperature thermometer with higher accuracy, less process control and higher reliability than previously possible. With its award-winning arterial thermometer, Exergen is highly recognised in both the healthcare and consumer markets in the US, where the temperature is measured with one of Exergen’s temporal artery thermometers over two billion times per year. The company was founded by Harvard researcher Dr Francesco Pompei, who owns more than 70 patents.

Exergen Corporation has decided to make sure that the Fever Guide is available at no cost to both medical professionals and at-home users as well. ‘During a pandemic, it is extremely important that we all do what we can to help doctors and nurses to save lives,’ says Joacquin Azpilicueta. ‘But obviously, we also need to educate the general public. So we hope a lot of people will download this eBook and benefit from the information.’

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