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San Francisco Executive Coaches in High Demand in 2019

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Executives are those skilled individuals that are expected to know how to make decisions in the course of their work. The decisions then have a significance on the performance and results of the whole company or team.

With this, leadership happens when an individual can think, create, and make choices with high confidence and ease.

Since executives need to motivate others, you should first believe in yourself and in the power of your team to do an excellent performance. 

Now, can you say that you have what it takes to be an executive? Yes or no, nothing beats an individual who has their executive coach, which would help in navigating through the challenging course of today’s business world.

Executive coach, what for?

In a corporation’s management, gaining a higher position means giving excellent performance. That or you are probably someone with a higher standing due to personal connections. However, may it be the first or the latter, what’s important is how well you can carry your role.

The leaders and high achievers in different professional areas face a unique set of demands and pressures. In fact, your degree and experiences only go so far in preparing you for the difficulties that you might encounter.

This is the reason why you need an executive coach, like from this website https://jennifermusselman.com. When you have an executive coach, you will be able to bring your A-game. Key areas such as honing communication skills, leadership skills, managing complex work relationship, and dynamics will be a piece of cake. 

Also, as you go through this course, you may be able to know how to handle stress and stay calm under pressure effectively. Not only that, but you can also identify your weak spots and know how to strengthen those areas. Not bad, right?

The best executive coaches

Interested? You may want to know more about San Francisco’s executive coaches that are high in demand. Read on to learn more about them. 

  • Rachel Constable –  Rachel mainly offers her services through communication devices like a phone or Skype, etc. However, she is located in Burlingame, California, so if you are just around the neighbourhood, then it is an excellent chance to take.  As an executive coach, she is also a facilitator and a consultant who assists individuals and organisations in navigating through challenging phases. Her goal as an executive coach is to help her clients in reaching the destination that they wanted to be. For her specialisations, Rachel is more on to individuals that are curious, open, and is ready for new ways of living and working. 
  • Laura Gates –  Part of the International Coach Federation and Marshall Goldsmith coach, Laura can surely help you with her over 20 years’ experience in coaching and training leaders at great organisations such as NASA, LexisNexis, Navy, and Shell Oil.  Not only that, but she also helps with start-up businesses such as Silicon Valley and some executive teams in biotech, energy, and financial industries. Laura specialises in a wide area of coaching. It includes executive coaching, navigating career transitions, and leadership in women. Also, she has helped companies have an alignment for vision and strategy, which helped in growing the business.
  • Michael Dolan – One of the certified coaches of the Professional Certified Coach or PCC by the International Coaching Federation, Michael might just be the right executive coach for you. He is based in San Francisco Bay. He has with him his 15 years of management experience to help professionals pave their way to success by enabling them to develop and maintain higher levels of self-awareness. Why self-awareness? Well, if you want to create a significant impact and experience greater satisfaction in work and life, then this might be just right for you. For his specialisations, he has a soft spot for those leaders that are blocked by issues like lack of balance, stress, and poor self-management. Also, he offers a unique mix-and-match of coaching and leadership coaching. One of his advice is that an individual needs to work with a coach to become a better leader and person. He also added that people need this kind of support, especially as one grows in the profession that he has chosen. 


Executive coaches are considered as professionals that provide supportive and confidential sounding boards. They ask questions to challenge assumptions and help in giving clarity and resources. 

In addition to that, executive coaches often help in interpreting behavioural assessments and 360-degree. This then surely help in gaining your self-awareness and establish development goals in the future towards the growth of your organisation.

Lastly, the individuals listed above are one of the best and high in demand executive coaches for the year 2019. Be sure to say hi to them if you ever consider having an executive coach.

Jason Smith did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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