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Exclusive Skincare Launch for the Next Generation of Peptides

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Today, Dermoi hosted an exclusive beauty breakfast to celebrate acheivements in skincare, including cell communication technologies.

Cells within the skin are constantly communicating with each other. They have to sense their environment and work collectively to respond in the right way.

Cells have their own means of sending and receiving signals and are always on the look out. Advanced skincare understands these signalling mechanisms and uses them to provide anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and re-building messages to skin cells.

Most of us have heard of peptides, but newer technology is taking peptides signalling a step further and producing outstanding scientific results.

EVENSWISS – interleukin signalling experts

EVENSWISS is the creator of a groundbreaking and patented signalling technology called Dermatopoietin.

Dermatopoietin, which is equivalent to a polypeptide naturally found in human skin called  interleukin-1-alpha, starts a cascade of signals from the surface of the skin and into the dermis.

These signals generate a strong increase in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – by up to 90% in 2 weeks.

The technology is backed by 6 clinical trials that show statistically significant improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, skin density, under eye bags, cellulite, and hair loss.  

Calecim – stem cell signaling experts

Calecim harnesses the power of umbilical cord lining stem cells to produce a patented protein mix of growth factors, peptides, cytokines and exosomes, referred to as Calecim’s Cord Lining Conditioned Media.

The conditioned media replenishes the skin with molecules that are essential for providing wound healing and renewal messages to cells.

In vitro study shows that cells exposed to Calecim’s conditioned media have an increase in cell division and show a 500%–700% increase in epidermal and dermal thickness.

Did you know?

The skincare industry is one in which the price of a product does not reflect its quality.  

As scientific knowledge and innovation progress, genuine scientific expertise is essential to give full understanding and analysis of skincare products to ensure its performance matches its claims.

Dermoi’s primary commitment is to provide a skincare platform in which every offering is selected and endorsed by our in-house scientists for long-term skin health and wellness.

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