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This Is an Exciting Time for Private Practice

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Setting up and running a private practice on your own is hard. All those months and  years of lived experience and training, and yet one of the first challenges you face is  how to operate online. From advertising to appointments and notes, not to mention  the video services; pretty much every aspect needs a computer, and so before you  know it you are running a digital business. 

The whole sector has been through a reformation that has really been on the cards  for years, and it’s only just begun. There are many words shared about technology  and how it helps or hinders outcomes in a therapeutic conversation. But to be clear, every interaction between a therapist and a client has a digital footprint.

Appointments, payments, online sessions, notes and many PDF’s – a phone, a  computer and a broadband line are all now tools of the trade. Until now, some  counsellors and therapists have been more restricted than ever by having to spend  precious time sorting out what is ‘appropriate technology’. 

There are three categories of digital tools that were quickly adapted as Therapists  adjusted to online working. 

  • Appointment / booking systems 
  • Client records systems with electronic health record 
  • Video services 

A collaborative approach to influencing these adaptations for industry members, by  industry members is a philosophy that will reap improved rewards for all concerned and one shared by isosconnect and The National Counselling Society (NCS). 

The National Counselling Society was one of the first organisations to gain  registered status with the Professional Standards Authority in 2013 and is one of the  largest registers of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. NCS offers Organisational  membership, partnering for mutual support and growth and has recently accepted  isosconnect as a member. Faye Blackwell, Head of Engagement and Development  told us “Ensuring our members deliver a safe, ethical, high-quality counselling  service is at the heart of everything that we do. Together, we are driving up  standards whilst retaining the compassion and empathy that constitute great counsellors and psychotherapists who deliver life changing support 

isosconnect is a platform designed specifically for individual practitioners to take  away the risks and woes of managing a business with a collection of different  software that in most cases is not specifically designed for a therapeutic  conversation.  

Isosconnect Founder Kim Page added: ‘This is a special milestone for isosconnect.  Our dedicated team has worked over the last two years listening very closely to the  needs of practitioners as they have navigated turbulent times. Skilled and  experienced therapists will be more visible and accessible than ever using  isosconnect, able to take full advantage of the efficiencies that modern technology  has to offer in the safest way.

‘We must have a safe space online for the operation  of a therapy business, to ensure that these trained and skilled individuals are able to  safely serve the needs of people looking for mental health support.’

Kim Page is the CEO and founder of isosconnect.

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